Tuesday, 27 November 2012


There is a comfort zone in the monotony of life that we relate to as the ideal situation. However, for successful people this definition always kept changing; as they always raised their own expectations to new paradigms. To be uneasy for a greater cause then the one being currently subscribed to is to change for the better by taking the pain in creating a more beautiful self image.
Why do we look at new things? Well, because they attract us as something different from our routine and although the routing works for us mostly but we need to add some flavour once in a while. The colour in new angles is because every time light hits an objection from a new set of rules; it creates a more interesting copy of the image then the one before.
The need to diversify in race, in pace, in space and in grace is basically that you need new goals each day to keep you in the limelight of creativity. Everyone knows that change is a part of nature and life, as things rarely happen the same way twice; so life in it’s own nature is a harbinger of variation. Just like science attempts to explain our physical existence with the hypothetical theory of evolution our mind and soul are constantly trying to define the meaning of life in terms of the changes that will be and have been.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

The reach


Obstacles and memories; milestones and door ways
Distant in the distance afar; I'm a traveller like in the old age...

But I look not for treasures; Glitter doesn't capture my sight
I search for my being of light; piercing shadows to a spot lit stage...

Stand for something, so you don't just fall for anything

I remember being angry at one particular day, as a result of reading too many newspapers and following the world politics way too closely. As a result I posted on my timeline that in this world people who don't stand for much are more likely to take seats in a national assembly. Of course I was wrong to judge before looking into my own actions, but one of my mentors in life replied to this and he corrected me saying "A man that stands for nothing, will fall for anything". This made me realize that in the world of quotes and motivations, sometimes old is truly gold. 

Why do we stand for something? well for some it's a matter of just gaining political momentum in popular circles so that they can further themselves in power snatches. However those, are a minority in this world and as I've come to believe; the majority of people in this world still have a basic understanding of true humane behaviour. So a person who is being honest with themselves, will stand for something because a voice inside of him/her has said that there is a need for improvement and change and that courage is in swimming upstream against the flow of violent seas. 

The triumph of good and justice is more important then the worldly situation outside of us, it is imperative to become whole in our own personalities that we take a stand once in a while. It's not about being a hero, because it is the people who stand behind the heroes that do the actual wonders, it's just the matter of choosing the right type of hero. I'm not saying that we should pick a side or pick up arms either, I'm just saying that we need to be awake to the fact that if we live our lives trying to avoid a collision with evil then we may never achieve anything more then the dust that floats in the winds. Weakness is not in being lesser in power, it is from the frame of mind that power decides for the outcome of a struggle. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A modern tomorrow


It is but a bond of perspective; this advance of age 
Dissolving the provision; a cage within a cage... 

The passing will become; intentions that build 
Almost predictable is an indecisive stage...

Job description of a writer.

A person expressing themselves in a manner that appeals to others as well as captivating interest in the topic could be assumed as a moderate or a good writer. However, depending on the scope of study which interests the author the information presented may vary from one piece to another. Some people have their lives filled with exciting and inspiring events and they simply need to narrate this in a presentable manner to capture an audience. Others may produce an analysis that jumps off the pages to derive something old or new in a unique manner, and on it goes with different styles and stances. 

To me, the more thought provoking question is why people would choose to read a particular individual. Some just have this talent and skill to put words together in a manner that is attractive and ends up being an example on its own, others place weight in the emotions and the details of a moment in such a way that brings text to life. Revolutionary thoughts, a research of interesting origins or even a biography of outstanding events in a person's life can capture the attention of masses; but today the art of writing is not always celebrated in it's true form. 

The words that fly of the pages and into the mind of an individual carry with them the power and responsibility of modifying the society for better and not for the worse. However, since interests and opinions  come in many shapes and sizes a lot of us writers get away with a lot of stuff that isn't really worth the time. They say that just because you feel that something should be said, doesn't necessarily mean that it should be heard. A skill set is complete only when it is utilized towards progress and prosperity and not just as a tool to make fame and money. The moral matters more then the story as the stories that we tell must centre on something that is bigger then the catharsis being presented by the individual who wrote them. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Awaiting game


The wisdom in patience, comes not from the waiting 
A winner doesn't wait; he bides the chances that time is creating... 

Although the resilient, don’t mind being trampled 
It’s a stance before strike, a slingshot’s blow in the making...

Friday, 16 November 2012

Red carpet


Come one and welcome all, to the back of my brainy walls
For you get what you can carry, take a reading from my crystal ball...

There is a sequence to our humanity, leading to demise in vanity
Few become many in an empty hall, there is an echo to my internal brawl... 

I am

"I am" writing this to explain something that related to everything yet so subtle in it's understanding that we mostly just ignore it. This concept is the deeper meaning of the expression "I am" which we so casually put in front of many wants, needs, explanations and justifications. Well, it obviously denotes the present tense a particular continuous expression of how one would define the definition at hand. However if you go deeper still, you will see that the interpretation of yourself is subject to many schools of thoughts in this world, at this very moment. 

There was a poet in a region of my country called Kasur, he was known by the name "Bulleh Shah" and he produced one of the most riveting pieces of writing that I have ever come across in my life. The catch phrase was "Oh, Bulla what do I know who I am?" He continues to try and explain his existence in terms of faith, discipline and actions and comes back to the same catch phrase concluding that he's not really sure of what constitutes as him as he doesn't fall into any of the categories he is well versed in. 

So who am I? well this question is also relative like many of the explanations I've tried to present on my blog. Socrates said "Know thyself" so it's kinda important to actually answer this question. For some people the answer is in the race, for some it is in religion, for some it is in feelings and for fewer still the answer hangs in the balance of the space and time continuum. The answer in my honest opinion lies in what we choose to be at that moment, because our choices change and they profoundly affect the definitions and outcomes of our existence continuously. They say to understand the Creator, you must understand His creations. To grasp the meaning of what you consist of can be as grand as you feel it could be, or as infinitesimal as blinking your eyes as the definitions are only as good as the matter they seek to illustrate. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Walk the talk

Hypocrisy is one quality that no one would admit to liking because it portrays complete dishonesty in terms of our societal relationships. It's true, most of us try decently to avoid being a person that says one thing at one time and then contradicts that statement to do something completely different at another point in time. However when we say something, we usually don't relate that to real life experiences so sometimes words can exaggerate the real deal that lies beneath the skin. 

Either we always say what we mean (which is not always possible in my case) or we always become to mean what we say. Of course words can be stronger then actions sometimes, but if words come before the actual act then you are working towards being true and the failure will make you a liar. Underlying schemes don't really matter in this retrospect because people that have to hide their intentions to the ones that care for them won't mind being a hypocrite either way. 

Apart from the religiously sensitive sentiments presented above, there is always the matter of dignity and self image. If I am continuously violating my own quotes and saying, then I would be the strongest element in creating a conflict within myself when it comes to my personality; which means that instability is not far off. The thing is that every time we claim or say something we are subconsciously creating an expectation from ourselves; and if not met this expectation will snowball into disappointment. It's best to say the good you mean, or become to mean the good that you say.  So what does it take, not to be fake? well in truth it's only one's own sake. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Name


Some tell and some say; that Masood means unique or prestige of play
But who knows? Nor do I; for I'm a soul clinging and cast away...

it's a strange thought I know;we're all spirited and lead our own way
I could choose to be anything;Albeit the choices already been made...

Sometimes I'm a good man; other times just a stranger at bay 
Courage need and temptation; part of my one act play...

For I have never seen; a part of me without obscene
I guess I live on edge a little; never revealing my game...

One hope I'm allowed to have; one thing I'd wish from the grave 
That I leave behind one grain of change; to be more than a name...

The bad in another

As we ended our walk back home from work, a very dear friend of mine asked me a question: "why do we always focus on the bad in people, even though they might carry a lot more good in them?". At the time, I just spoke from the heart and expressed my opinion that our brain is always working to keep things at an even keel in this jungle of a world and that's why we always try to justify the ugly weaknesses in us by identifying some in another. However, that couldn't be it could it? 

The reasons for finding bad in others and gossiping about it (by no means limited to women only) are far and wide in my opinion. There are a few of us that simply believe that this world is best experienced when you live as a twin bladed sword; as the fast pace of today's life indicates that survival of the fittest is the most celebrated primal quality that we possess. But what of the qualities corresponding to compassion, self sacrifice and peace? I don't want to paint a gloomy picture of the society around us, but ask yourself this: if a man gave up a $1000 just because his conscience didn't agree with it, how many of us would consider him wise? If the answer is many, then I'm yet to most of the world. 

The focus is not money, it's not success and it's not even how much popularity you have. The fact of the matter is that being witty is fast becoming synonymous with achieving goals by hook or by crook. A man or women driving by in a Mercedes will always get more respect then a man working a 12 hour day to feed his family; because the yardstick for success is not character but material in today's world. On one hand no one wants to be poor, on the other no one wants to be bad; bring these two hands together and you'll get the perspective prevailing today. 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The nail


Pull out before you are stuck too deep, for the envy of one's self is a wish for defeat
For there cannot be too many that are too proud, so few are left and the rest obsolete... 

Experience the bow of a fruitful tree, to weather the storms and land on your feet
Cry not wolf for we prey on ourselves, unseen are the burns within the calamity discrete...

Friday, 9 November 2012

Writing in riddles

At times people come to me and ask me why the catharsis that I present in my writings is so cryptic and dense. I've always found beauty in depths, always considered hardships as a way to get better (even though I moan and whine every step of the way) and I've always believed that anything worth learning requires a certain amount of thinking effort. So, when I try to grasp a concept and I am aware of the pros and cons I present my two cents on the topic as a concise but rich combination of feelings and logic. 

My inspiration in writing comes from the human experience. I don't read too many books but my brain has this underlying need to understand things in their deeper definitions. When I look at something I want to know why that image is presented in my head the way it is and whether the representation is doing justice to it's purpose. The fact that I'm a viable narrator is only due to my urge to scratch the surface and look within to see what makes us tick. Of course there are better ways to look at things and deep thought presents with it many challenges, but it is these obstacles that make such a plain achievement like understanding life and the living worth my while. 

They say that a utensil will only present to you what it contains inside it. To be transparent in one's personification is one of the most difficult tasks that I have come across in my life; as expressing what others may see as taboo takes courage and a firm belief in one's self. The fact is that covering up bitter truths of life in wraps of complexities before the sweetness of it's meaning is a practice that is enjoyable on many levels. For, having a portrait in many waves and layers only adds to the beauty; just as something preserved in veils always seems more valuable.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

An open mind, a fortress

To accept what is presented at the core of it's nature is a skill that few can display readily. Whenever we see, hear, experience or perceive something we are bound to associate that which is new with what has passed us by and left an 'after taste'. To have an open mind doesn't mean that you do not let your past experiences influence the future decisions, it means to keep an objective approach in receiving new information, which means that the first thing you need to be honestly "open minded" about is your past and present. A person at peace with one's self is a person that meets the world with open arms and a welcoming ambiance. 

Objectivity is at the centre of accepting facts in their essence, and to absorb things at the correct angle one must have no angle to begin with. To do this, is not easy. If you look at a colour, let's say pink in my case; my own favouritism will get in the way at first. However I have conditioned my brain to keep my preferences about things reserved when I am passing judgement on an experience. This alone allows for a pretty three dimension view of an object and increases the growth in learning considerably. 

Accepting change is the hardest when it comes to keeping a bird's eye view on things. Because you are so engulfed in the happenings that you simply cannot fathom the thought of stepping away and perhaps look at what's going on around you. Yes, all of the world exists within you; but the world within doesn't include you only. Meaning that there are foreign ideologies, emotions and concepts within all of us whether we know about it or not; and once we realize this we begin to understand why keeping an open mind is so important. However, it's not so simple to be a sponge of experience; because the window of open mindedness is sometimes relevant to one's own situation. An open mind is a fortress because it is free from the intrusions of conflict that arise from suppression of nature. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Three dots


What can I say, as you leave so little in grey... 
So colourful in your simplicity, that perfection isn't far away..

For I always come back for more, the attraction doesn't sway... 
It's enough to hear your silence, I'm surrounded and I will stay...

Friday, 2 November 2012

What dreams may come to

I know, I know I'm borrowing a title from a movie but I promise I don't do that very often so bear with me a little bit. Dreams, as you might have experienced are one of the most peculiar of human experiences that we can come across. Psychology says that these are manifestations of your inner desires, suppressions or even urges and wants; while spiritualism considers the psychological assumption but adds that dreams may also be a portal of communication between you and a world beyond this dimension. 

Have you ever awoken in the middle of a dream and found yourself uttering words from the same scene? or perhaps sweating uncontrollably as a result of one? I have. It's amazing how an experience that is just in your head can trigger physical responses like speech and other mechanism. The reason being that the world as a fact of itself, exists to you only because you are able to understand it in your head. If there was a phenomenon that you couldn't calibrate with your mind, well then it wouldn't be a problem because you'd never notice it. 

The thing is that to the best of my understanding the dream world is as unexplored as the nearest galaxy to our own, the milky way. We see it, we can feel the changes that it brings, we can even speculate and make theories about it; but no one really knows it's secrets because we don't even know if it's in the same time zone as ours. Well, light travels at a set speed right? and it gives us a look into the past for things that are very far away and beyond our reach; just like that you can't touch a dream but you can see it unfolding without being sure of the when and what. I know one thing though, sometimes I find myself in a moment that is an exact replica of the scene I saw in a dream perhaps months or years ago.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Who's to judge?

"thou shall not judge" am I right? Well yes that is true, judgement without the correct context is like stealing because you aren't giving the object of your judgement a chance to explain themselves. Of course this is true in cases where we pass a controlled verdict on someone within ourselves without really knowing a person. However, on the flip side sooner or later we are all required to make judgement calls so that our personal growth can propagate.Like everything else in life, there is a balance for this element of human nature too. 

Think about your day today, how many judgement calls did you make? If I speak for myself, you'd probably end up thinking I'm obsessive in some crazy kind of way. The thing is that whenever we see something, the presupposition that floats up from the subconscious parts of our brain has more like a cause and effect action. So, in order to perceive something there is a small amount of judgement required; it's only the flexibility of  that initial verdict that allows us to change this initial image of anything in our mind. As they say "A tree that bends, is often left standing after storms".

This brings another question to my mind: "are we all just predisposed to react to things in a certain way?" Well in my opinion the answer could be yes or no. There is a saying from where I come from: "A utensil will only give you what you put in it" which means that whatever we decide to keep around us and consequently absorb is similar to how we react to the things that come our way. To control one's reactions is to control one's environment like a scientist or experimental psychologist, because it takes a lot of work. Hence the phrase "I'm just human", because mistakes are a part of the beauty that is free will. 



Diminish negativity nourish faith
Loose your ways but keep your face...

Watch the world and let it amaze
Look deep within to find your grace...  

Screen play


This delusion of illusion; doesn't amount more than clay
What ever the words sound like; I prefer what reality has to say...

So it screams from the hills; it shouts for me to dare
I've got to do more than acting; for life is different backstage...

Monday, 29 October 2012

Eye of the artist

The life we live today, is a derivation of the past and the seeding ground for the future. I learnt this quite some time back but I hadn't applied this concept until recently. Most people would look at this piece of quote and think that it means that you work as hard as you can because your current financial situation is because of how hard you worked or studied yesterday, and then you repeat the same thing today to get better results tomorrow. Yes, that's true money is important in today's world, but that's just it isn't it? "it's important to the world" meaning the external, and just another drop in the pond of the humane condition. 

Artists (and I'd like to be called one someday) are sensitive creatures, they find a point of view that excites them and they have another quality which is expression. For example, what do you see when you see a child crying? do you see only that they are missing their ice cream or favourite teddy, or do you see the beauty in their innocence to be so concerned in so little? Perhaps you see that sorrow is just a phase that we all go through sometimes and is much easily forgotten, and when you put your articulate glasses on you will see a hell of a lot more from something that you might witness maybe everyday or couple of hours if your a parent. 

The artist has an eye for things we can say, not the same kind of eye that a soldier or a pick pocket has; but a perspective on the world that is beautiful in itself. Of course each artist has their own way of expression and inspiration, but what they all have in common is that they discover things all over again; things which have been in plain sight all our lives but we never knew could be looked at in a certain way. Not creators, not discoverers not adventurers, these people are something a mixture of all these things and more; and it's just that their way of expression is so unique and stunning that we are amazed by their creativity. For an artist, originality is simply expressing things in their own unique style. There are few real artists, and then there are few that mistake art for expertise. 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

If I was a beggar


If I was a beggar, I’d ask to be persistent
I'd ask the Ultimate, contending with existence...

I'd be thankful to have nothing, free from wealthy difference
Only if I was a beggar, I'd have a heart full of light essence...

And if I was beggar, I wouldn't ask with my lips
I'd write visions with pleas, for ignorance bliss...

And if I was indeed a true beggar, I would never ask you for nothing...
I'd be free from the puppet masters, being ever lost to world's bluffing…

Material endeavours


Lights and shadows, shiny crystal balls
Greens, buildings so tall; the deserted, yet we stall...

Different means for various calls
Worldly selections, for spirits one and all....

Realization and reality

I've always used the phrase "keep it real" when meeting or parting with my friends or acquaintances but no body's ever asked me why I do that. People just assume that because of my "american" exterior I'm just doing that to impersonate rappers or something worse. Well today, I feel like explaining myself because I rarely do so in real life. Reality, as my previous posts have attempted to explain is a relative concept; relative to the way you see yourself and the where you place your thoughts as they fuel your actions. 

You see the definition of reality is: a thing that is in existence and at times tangible or plainly saying, is a "fact". However, what of the things that are tangible but aren't factual or the things that are a hypocrisy of what they represent or define? So to realize what that particular thing is you would have to deviate from the definition of reality right? because it is in existence but it is not 'factual' in it's existence. OK  so I don't know about you but I get a little cross-eyed when I look into this particular question. The upside is that thinking in this way makes me adapt to the concept that reality is based on the opinion of influential figures or groups in our society, which makes sense if you really look around. Now, I'm not saying that these opinions are wrong; but they are not my opinions because I like to make an opinion exclusively from within only to be influenced by someone or something that I really admire. But that's not how it always goes down, believe me. 

 Yes, this chain of thought is very close to the way people think just before they are locked up right until they are too tranquillized to even remember what they were thinking of. However, if you see insanity in another light; it is also accepting 'illusions' for reality; so in a way to absorb hypocrisy as reality is also madness. My feeble mind tells me that; to be free, happy and content one must subscribe to the thoughts that are closest to his/her nature. In today's world popular things are taught to be real, most accepted behaviours are deemed as normal and that means that the individual is being saddled. One of my favourite titles for myself is 'Maverick' not because I have violent tendencies but because I choose to have a voice in a sea of distortion, only because my symphony is mine and no body else's; because to be unique is to be closest to our own humane nature. 

Bridge data roam


Albeit in separation, there is little division in distance
For the memories bind, friendships in an instant...

For the wheels of time will roll, and roll back to something else
Smiles are written in stone, and the good times into incense...

The cage


This prison of my daily acrobatics, the construction of fallible systematics
A compilation of crazy dramatics; a mask to originality informatics... 

Wheels of time see right through me, give me just enough moments to brew me
The cannibal inside pursues me, reasons will burn themselves to clue me...

The need to break free a shackle within itself; escape just a constant in this mathematics
The hour that gazes into the future today; is time spent on unstable schematics...

Friday, 26 October 2012

The likelihood of dislike

What does it take for us to be repulsed by a certain phenomenon? Well a person would, on the surface believe that this is just because the way they are. However, what makes a person who they are is a composite and intact form of a life’s history and its own little magic map that shows it possible outcomes for the future. So at an instant a person’s likes or dislikes are bound by their position in their own perceived continuum. We are all time travellers without even knowing it. 

There is little doubt about the fact that different people like different things, and sometimes some people may dislike others for what they do or don’t like. The only question would be if there is a benchmark for acceptable affinity with a particular thing or event. Perhaps there is no real answer here, because it changes with each individual sequence of choices and circumstances resulting from other choices and factors that make up a personality.

The scents and smells, the feelings one goes through when lonely, the anger or fear from a past or imagined event and the sight of something that just doesn't sit well without any apparent reason. These are all linked and controlled by the human condition that may or may not be controllable by the individual. So what’s the likelihood of disliking something? The resolution is somewhat similar to answering the question whether feelings tell us how to react or we feel the way we decide to react.



Lives go on and so do you, the pulse moves; and the beat stays true 
We are who we are, each of two; parallels never meet, they just see it through… 

Carrying on when we have to; living out a false virtue 
We follow, seeing sunny days through; separating at first sight of gloom.. 

But just like the seven days amaze you; this part will come true 
That vision charts destiny; and humility with release you...

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Criss cross

You know people keep telling me that I contradict myself, which maybe true when you look at it through their eyes. However, for me it's not so much contradiction but contrast of things. Sometimes a comparison in opposites can give you some real insight into the phenomenon that your trying to observe. For example the animal inside the human or the heights in the lows.

Any how, I'm just the kind of person that believes in the fact that things aren't always what they seem. That if there was no darkness there would be no recognition of light, if there wasn't ever sorrow then we wouldn't ever know true happiness and if there wasn't any evil inside us we would never celebrate the goodness as we do now. It's not that the dark reflection of the light is necessarily a source or a purpose but it seems to me that everything has it's purpose; and the purpose for the downers is to show you the value of holding yourself high.

The beauty in extreme contrasts is that you always get a profound and deep meaning out of the discoveries. Of course not every opposite may have a common source with another but there are some things inside and outside of us that just add to the complexities of defining lines in our existence. In my opinion, this world can't just be about simple, brittle and straight conclusions; as I believe that a Greater plan is at play when we talk about destiny and future. We all know that artists stimulate the imagination with their questions left behind in unanswered or non concluded trails, so who's to say that the grandest of arts doesn't have a more intriguing reality then we define it to be?

The similar faces


Waking and living may be two different things
Evil and good could sprout from the same kin…

We live in a world of the distinguished; a planet with a spin.
When will we open our eyes; to the similarities within?   

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Rediscovery is a beautiful thing and it can certainly bring back memories that will remind you of where you took the wrong or the right turn to be situated at the vantage point of clarity or distortion. In some cases one realizes the changes that need to be made and consciously drives down the path of a new beginning. It is this will to better one's self which motivates a transition from being a man to a good man and perhaps a great man some day. 

So how do we induce this urge? well frankly speaking I've always found that the motivation to create a better future comes from a past or present state that leaves something to be desired. It could also be that you get a taste of something really sublime and it has left you wanting more, but you can't get more of that feeling before you improve your circumstances. Yes, good things can be addictive too. Even the kindness one can show to a stranger, the charity one gives away without wanting recognition or the feeling that fills one when they see the happiness of another. 

There is a flip side to this too; which I like to call a mudslide. Just like descending from a slippery slope of wet mud; you'd stand on a certain height of character and loose yourself to the gravity of all the negativity that continuously seeks to drag you down.The only thing is that as opposed to climbing the slope of good character, it's easier to forget your descent until your back the beginning marred  by low self esteem as this time you have carried down the regret of ever letting yourself go. Here at the rock bottom you discover a new low, because loosing something good after achievement is harder on the senses then to have never achieved it. 

However, the most wonderful thing about rediscovery is that you can always start again and perhaps this time you will pick up more useful tools along the way that you may have missed out on the first time. One of my favourite phrases from Allama Iqbal (RA) of the subcontinent can be translated as "to strike and turn around, and return to strike; is an excuse to keep the blood warm", so there's no shame in trying again. After all we are adaptable creatures, and the hardships only prepare us for a greater challenge that may come our way. To repair yourself and prepare yourself for the same challenge may land you farther then the milestones you expect. 

How I came to be


Once upon a time; I tried so hard and failed over time
So I started to wonder; denying and wasting my time on vane line of crime...

The world began to attest me like desert to wine
It was a century of "ME" with fire in mind...

So passed a lifetime; until I woke up crying
My eyes were shadows and I'd become the devil's shrine...

I asked the reflections; dancing rays of sunshine
Will I ever go back? Will I ever be in line?

I got sick of asking nicely; turned back running blind
And that's the story; of a time since I've started trying...

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The romance in rain

It's inexplicable for me, but whenever it rains I always feel the romantic in myself come alive. Perhaps it's the serene sound of  the water drops in trillions landing where they once left off. The concept of how water evaporates from the earth's surface and returns to it has always fascinated me. Of course man has always had a very philosophical and even religious view of rain from the very earliest of times. So my best guess is that it's the union of the two basic elements of life that are earth and water that excite my senses.

Maybe it's the fact that I am off from work today and that I'm having tea (one of my favourite drinks) and the ambiance is just right for a writer to let loose his imagination. The pounding of water drops falling down indiscriminately upon the privileged and non-privileged alike is just a great equalizer; stating the obvious that all humans were created equals. Like I've said before there are many factors of why a moment can be fun by association; for instance I wouldn't be experiencing this if I was trying to get to work today and making my daily walks. 

You must be asking yourself "where's the romantic? and why does the philosopher overpower him?" Well the thing is even though I can be a hopeless romantic at times, revealing him is a challenging tasks. Like all self-proclaimed philosophers I deem myself to be a complicated man. May be it's just a fancy way of calling myself smart but the truth is that the internal world is harder to conquer then most empires around you, at least for me. All I can say right now is that the breeze feels to me like her beautiful face in just the right light, the sound of water like that sweet voice of hers asking me how I am and the fresh renewal after the rain's washing like the first time I would see her everyday. It's already over and all seems new again, and I'm left still with just me myself and the feelings that are slowly passing me by. 

All eyes on thee

Everybody seeks attention in life, it's just that most of us don't want to admit it; for instance if you every met me in person asked me if I was an attention seeker I would so totally outright deny it. However, by studying my own nature and the nature of others I have found out that attention seeking is something that we are conditioned to do from the very very early days of our birth. So do I actively "try" to seek attention ? probably not; but do I do things that will get me attention? absolutely; it's just that most of these things have become so entwined with my personality that even I don't know how to single them out. 
Basically, the need to have attention drawn towards ourself is a positive thing to the best of my understanding. In some cases it is a survival instinct, for example when a baby is born and he/she has very little knowledge of how the world works; they would still cry out if they are hungry or dirty or in pain. The infant doesn't know that crying will get him/her attention but he also doesn't know any better; so they sound the only alarm they have which is the high pitched crying sound. The mother will come to their aid repeatedly when this happens and this will give birth to an association with the fact that the most dependable figure in the baby's life is responding to their distress call. That's an integral and very basic start of communication by a tiny cuddly human. 
So, if attention seeking is inborn to some extent and it's good to alarm when harm is apparent then what's there to talk about? Well, if you look around you will see people who like to "steal thunder" as most of us put it. They say that excess in everything is bad, which is true; because too much attention will give you incorrect perceptions about yourself. A disorder in its very benign form is when someone looses grip of what's factual in themselves or others. For example if everyone around me was always paying attention to me, because of my overt behaviour or whining; then I might start thinking more of myself then what is real. Vanity is rooted in thinking your better then others; at times you can condition yourself to think that way simply because your behaviour is drawing more attention. In the end, the inception of a wrong idea implanted by the person themselves can cause some serious societal irregularities if it happens on a larger scale. 

Right to live, or live to right?

I've been pondering something these past few days, and it has brought me much confusion with little conclusion. The thing is that there are so many surprises that come our way when we move through humanity as a society that it can be over whelming sometimes. I'm a man of limited mental resources and I have less than adequate self control to control myself in feeling a certain way. This enigma is based on the right to live as one pleases, or in reciprocation exercising one's resources to right what one thinks is wrong. 
It could be a bit contradicting when we believe in a society where every one must have freedom to live by their own beliefs and schools of thought, and at the same time opportunities of righting the wrongs for the greater good present themselves. A lot of the times living by one's beliefs and doing the right thing is synonymous. However, what happens when one's freedom of choice crosses the path of a righteous man trying to make the world a better place? Well I think we have a lot of examples in history and in present where one individual thinks that he knows better then the others and wants to exert correction but ends up hurting perhaps thousands of people. So where to draw the line? 
In my opinion direction is important when masses are at play, if you don't believe me just observe traffic at a broken traffic light. It's not about the collective intelligence (which out to be the sum of it's parts or maybe even more) but about synchronization of decisions and inferences. Raw power without control can spell chaos, as the nuclear energy discovery has so hauntingly taught us. So who may be shepherd of a herd that is within it's right to exercise thoughts and ideas unsaddled? The problem lies not with control, but with lack of articulacy when exercising control. The evil is not in the need to organize but in the notion of organizing into a big mesh of uniformity something that is unique in it's every element. Living to right the wrongs, is a hard duty; but then again it is seldom performed the way it was meant to be done.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

An illusion?


When we look out our window we may see nature and the birds chirping, people going about their lives and sounds and smells of what we've awoken to. Imagine that this world that you take part in everyday was made of something entirely different from what it seems. Sounds a little bit like dialogues from "the matrix" doesn't it ? well the thing is that the world around us is very much real, but it is our perception of this world around us that may play tricks on our mind from time to time. 
From what science tells us everything is made of atoms, and atoms are essentially made up of tiny bodies revolving around each other bound in a seemingly perpetual attraction of charges, forces and on the base level the energy they have procured from their position or motion. So all the force that binds everything around us is essentially made up of energy that each tiny little particle has in one way or the other. So are we all made of energy? or is it looking too much into things? An illusion is essentially a take on reality that doesn't align with it's true form. So, what do we see when we are walking or driving to work? we see people and things and actions as the fundamental basics of this ambiance around us. Yes, we miss out the details, one of which is that all of this we perceive is made up of energy working at it's best. 
Another big truth in life is distance and solitude down to the very core of every existence. Although this world could not be held together until the factors came together to provide for it, the factors are mostly just seen as the prisoners of these forces. I think, in reality each minuscule factor and particle is able to form companionship due to the energy that it has to borrow or to lend when it comes to existence. What is this energy that gives everything the power to bind and mix? actually energy is one of the most interesting things in the world. Although there are perhaps hundreds of types of energies like sound and light, it is a fact that energy is never fully destroyed but it simply changes it's form. So essentially, it is all one thing acting with many different façades at many different levels at the same time. The world around us isn't just the products that we see, it is the most astounding example of how One can manifest as one yet appear as if there are billions of universes.  More on this later.... 

Heading out


Caste the lines of hope in the quagmire called life. 
beat the thorns in your throat and out speak the strife... 

Remember to be watchful while stepping through stones. 
what's solid today may melt away by unseen plight...  

Friday, 19 October 2012

Looking in

For the last five years or so, one of my favourite concepts has been to close one's outer eyes and look what lies inside. It seems it has been ages since I used to be a person with very limited viewpoints on the world and while everything looked solid from the outside I felt that my experience was filled with hot air and nothing else. We all know that hot air rises until it reaches a point when it cools down and comes down in one form or the other to meet the earth beneath our feet. So, when I hit rock bottom I realized that I was too concerned with the world around me and had forgotten to realize what needed attention inside of me.
So what lies beneath this thin membrane of personality that at times fails it's purpose when an internal conflict arises? The answer is: everything! Imagine yourself as a sponge but also a body, which in it's united form is liquid, ever changing. What do you feel? well in my experience I'm a being that is able to absorb and expel but unlike a sponge we change and adapt to this sequence of events at times coming out better for it. Confused but amused right? that's what I fill most my days with and once I found it I've found out that the world that I was seeing around in images of fashion and fads was just a means of satisfying what has been conditioned into me by salesmen at the biggest level. I too have been a salesman and I know when a pitch is getting rhetorical.

What I've found is not describable as it's an ocean of colours and spectrum that I'm yet to decipher. I'm sure I will someday reach a conclusion, may it be to the inquisition into the internal human condition or the striving mind that I have. Yes, it's a bit weird and obscene to some people when you say that the world inside of you is much bigger then the world outside because no body else sees what you see when you close your eyes. However, if you think about it; the inner abode has to be bigger because it holds the outer world as well as your consciousness to it, on the other hand it holds fears and conquests that were never made. Some say that God resides within, well in my opinion the Grandest of mysteries cannot be solved from sifting through a material and limited existence. The best place to look for what you do not know, is to find it where you have stored the answer; or rather where you need to put it. 

Tip of my tongue


Words at bay seem so far away
The feelings that shine through, seem to make their own way...

Black! the absence of colour, defines the light ray
Evil and good for better and for worse, we are who we are, needless to say...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Veil


Crowded are the doors the leap years leave behind
Stunned are the addicts as they are drawn towards the shine... 

Look beyond the obvious if you need to be passing by
Keep your gaze on the Eternal, keep your heart from going blind...

Monday, 15 October 2012

What's in a word?

They say that words can be dynamic or dynamite, that the letters can scream bloody rage or they can hypnotize with affection, and that they are like bullets that don't allow retraction once launched. Various perspectives have birthed various ideas on how and why words can be so potent. A word can act as currency when you use it in the right place at the right time, while the exact same combination of syllables or letters could get you into a whole lot of trouble when you choose it without thinking. 

In my opinion words are a medium that carry all sorts of traffic, albeit that they do not carry a great portion of our communication towards others. We also think in words so intra personal communication is another way that the words affect the world around us. Then there are involuntary blurts that even surprise the portrayer because they are rooted deep in the unlit corners of the mind and only come out when the build up has reached a peak. 

So, what's in a words? it is an expression of your emotions, logic, animosity, generosity, selfishness, likes, dislikes and most importantly of your situations and reactions. A word contains what you know and what you want to tell, it teaches others and yourself. A word will arrive in a setting and perhaps change the mode, it could intoxicate with it's eloquence and it could disgust with it's audacity. The roots of this fruit are deep within yourselves and who ever chooses to consume this can have the same ripple within them and cause a chain reaction of change. A word can be immortal too, if you think about it; when I'm blown away in dust, my words will still be here speaking my mind. 


Friday, 12 October 2012

Collision of Secrets

Riddles, ideas and buried thought tomb stones 
A man walks half hearted; till his secrecy is cloned... 

A whisper here and a suggestion there, an ideal drone
You never live until you've seen a heart like your own...

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A box of chocolates

I guess we all remember one of the most catchy and philosophical lines in the epic film Forest Gump where the narrator appears in the very first scene of the movie and says "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." It may sound like a cliché' now but back then it moved me in a big way. Imagine the possibilities that could spring from this kind of thinking; that whatever may be placed in your way is another chance to take another jubilant leap in your existence.
All chocolate lovers know that when we look into a box of assorted chocolates the mouth waters with all the possibilities that we can experience by simply reaching out and taking a bite. When situated in a particular moment of life, we have so many ways to go and so many things we can do. All of these routes are blurred out by our internal motivation which drives us towards precedented results. Of course, there are choices which are bad choices but the element of calculated risk can really set us in the right direction in terms of finding that sublime taste that we never knew existed until we tried it. 
Socrates said "all I know is that I know nothing". So, the beginning of wisdom is like a box of chocolates too; because you must first admit that the outcomes although predictable in some cases may not lie within our reach of understanding. This doesn't suggest that one should leave the daily routine of providing for one's family or to meet the basic needs, but to highlight that there is something larger than base needs that is out there for each and every one of us. 
"To be the one with answers, you must be one that asks a lot of questions first" (a quote by yours truly). In order to question something you must be curious about it. To be curious about something you must be in an exploratory frame of mind. An explorer is in it for the adventure of the trip, and not always for the treasures that would come to him any ways with the package of effort. They say the greatest treasure is that of knowledge, and there is no denying that any new step in a new direction brings with it a new experience dripping with new information and learning. 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Let me sink

I know not why, you set me so high 
For I see myself, everyday within your eyes... 

Imprison me in your gaze, let my senses paralyse 
Like a hopeless addict, I can't get enough supply...

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sheep song

A Standing ground of sitting goals
A contrast of implodes and explodes...

The cross-way to uncertain roads
The Broadway of acting stones...

The enmity of directional error
The charismatic piper overload...

Monday, 1 October 2012

For an instant

For a moment back there, everything was written in air
I used to be an endless circle, now finite within a square... 

Through the climb of learning steeps, the summits prevail
To see the world as a grain of sand, just the beginning here...

Thursday, 27 September 2012

The sea saw of Modesty and self esteem

I've been thinking on this for a few days now, and it's a combination that baffles me. Of course there will be a few people who subscribe to a stronger viewpoint of religion who would love to make this easier on me. To them I say that I know what my religion is and I also know very well what it teaches; but my goal is to reach mankind for whom that religion was actually meant for; and to do that I must be objective in my concepts. That being said, the personification of modesty in today's world can be interpreted as  a man with monk robe on; and self esteem usually by a women dressed in a tank top or perhaps a well dressed man with a branded suit and sun glasses. 
The point of the matter being that I think we practice too much of association in such concepts. Modesty is supposed to be a synonym of simplicity and moderation. It has very little to do with appearances because this to the best of my understanding is an internal choice, and most people don't get to see what's inside of you unless and until you really trust them. Now, since there are so many different interpretations of simplicity and moderation; then there must a million faces of modesty right? Not really, because exceeding the balance of anything will make that thing into something else. So, a man that absolves the right to defend his rights cannot be seen as modest in this context. 
Self esteem is important, because as they say you must respect yourself to allow others to respect you. Then again, there is vanity; which is often confused today as being self esteem; because you're probably just putting burden on yourself by the huff puff of false credit. A vane person will think of him/her self as being centric to the world; which is basically self esteem on steroids and we all know what happens with steroid users. The point is to give one's self enough respect so that a healthy self image can be maintained, a realistic and logical evaluation of one's achievement is usually the best solution here. 
Of course an overtly modest person will lack in self esteem and a person feeding on vanity cannot be a modest person. Modesty in self esteem is important and even more important is to maintain self esteem when trying to be modest. We are all made of the same stuff and it's just a matter of beliefs that can separate one from the other in terms of goals and achievements. There must be a balance in these two aspects of personality to be a healthy person; or conflicts may arise that will hinder progress in personality. After all, you wouldn't walk upwards on a downward escalator or vice versa would you? because to cover a distance you must first attain equilibrium with the forces at play, only then will you know how much energy or force is needed to move forwarded. 

Birthday resolution

A canvas for my dreams I must provide 
The changes must come and choose to reside... 

Seconds away could be satisfaction in the mirror 
Like the shapes of water, the Maverick must abide.... 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rear view

In most endeavours we must look forth and where we stand rather than looking back at what got us there. The reason for this being that the experience of today is the best form of reward if you are looking for happiness. The past is something that has been and gone, so I personally have always been an advocate of letting the burden of forgone goals and hopes go, and moving on. But what of the memories that help us get through the day? like that of a gentle embrace with our parents or the first time you met your ideal personality? Yes this rear view helps you in finding yourself today, as the bread crumbs that you have followed will always help in keeping you on the right path. 
I don't know if you've ever felt this, but at times I will be sitting at one place and thinking about whatever has me going at the time; and I will find myself looking at myself in respect of the time lapsed. Imagine, being able to see yourself not as the obstruction of light, but as a traveller in the span of oh let's say the last 27 years and the next 20 odd years. It's an overwhelming feeling to look at life from this perspective because it's so unique from the usual experiences that we go through on a daily basis. Yes, we are all aware of the time passing around us but what if we consider ourself the larger hand of the clock? 
When looking back, I'll see various faces and happenings that are still going on because they are a part of me already. Of course to be stuck in this perception is not recommended because you have to keep moving along so that you can change the rear view scene; as today's present is going to be tomorrow's past. So when people tell me that I don't have control of the past, I'm bewildered because I am making my own biography as I go along; so wouldn't that mean that I am actually writing the past in the present too? Yes! this piece of writing gets me a little cross eyed too; but then again not to think on a subject that is so profoundly shaping us would be like having a pie without tasting the sugar.