Sunday, 21 October 2012

All eyes on thee

Everybody seeks attention in life, it's just that most of us don't want to admit it; for instance if you every met me in person asked me if I was an attention seeker I would so totally outright deny it. However, by studying my own nature and the nature of others I have found out that attention seeking is something that we are conditioned to do from the very very early days of our birth. So do I actively "try" to seek attention ? probably not; but do I do things that will get me attention? absolutely; it's just that most of these things have become so entwined with my personality that even I don't know how to single them out. 
Basically, the need to have attention drawn towards ourself is a positive thing to the best of my understanding. In some cases it is a survival instinct, for example when a baby is born and he/she has very little knowledge of how the world works; they would still cry out if they are hungry or dirty or in pain. The infant doesn't know that crying will get him/her attention but he also doesn't know any better; so they sound the only alarm they have which is the high pitched crying sound. The mother will come to their aid repeatedly when this happens and this will give birth to an association with the fact that the most dependable figure in the baby's life is responding to their distress call. That's an integral and very basic start of communication by a tiny cuddly human. 
So, if attention seeking is inborn to some extent and it's good to alarm when harm is apparent then what's there to talk about? Well, if you look around you will see people who like to "steal thunder" as most of us put it. They say that excess in everything is bad, which is true; because too much attention will give you incorrect perceptions about yourself. A disorder in its very benign form is when someone looses grip of what's factual in themselves or others. For example if everyone around me was always paying attention to me, because of my overt behaviour or whining; then I might start thinking more of myself then what is real. Vanity is rooted in thinking your better then others; at times you can condition yourself to think that way simply because your behaviour is drawing more attention. In the end, the inception of a wrong idea implanted by the person themselves can cause some serious societal irregularities if it happens on a larger scale. 

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