Friday, 14 September 2012

Look in!

The road to within, lies beneath the skin
It's an  everlasting win; the most rewarding kin...

Walk amoung the quite; learn to look and think 
Capture real sense; by thought and not by grin...

For an incomplete man; will always sleep within
The eyes he never closed; won't let him see the sin...

It's a measure of pleasure; to run after things 
If we had stopped to think; world is not to bring...

The human condition

Although it might have been 
A distant vision, a mystery discrete...

That life always changes
Rising everyday to be unique...

Even when I don't want to
Lines of destiny stand incomplete...

Even when it's not mine
Hope has always denied defeat...

For the times that I willed it
For the rhymes I could have sung with...

For the mountains I didn't climb
And the places never made on time...

I'm thankful that I have to reach
A need of the crippled gene...

I'm grateful that I have to ask
I'm ecstatic to be a human being... 

Out of the box

The term of thinking "out of the box" was coined I believe to represent a level of thinking that lies outside of conventional methods, techniques and even mind frames. But what is this "box" that we keep referring to ? is it a physical circle or a limitation of our own thinking? or is it something more metaphorical and abstract then these concepts? Although there have been many changes in the world around us, the socially accepted patterns and maps of thought usually prevail as most of us don't like to make the effort in terms of innovation and even instability at times. 
If you look up Psychology for the definition of "insanity/madness/mental instability/etc." you will find relative explanations but to my knowledge science does not and may never be able to explain what madness truly is. The reason for this is that, a behaviour may be deemed as insanity as soon as it steps out of bounds with the social/legal/conventional bounds. So with this perspective, one can very well argue that any act of extraordinary change could be deem an abnormality; but then again being "normal" never brought any mainstream change for the better or the worse. 
As 'normal' people, we come to accept the world around us as it is presented to us. For example when I moved to the United States back in the late 90s I often caught myself wondering if I have been living my life outside the norm of human nature due to the immense demographic and cultural differences. I was 13 at the time, and my mind was clouded with too much to understand this concept; but now I think I've got it covered. We see the world in terms of what we learn through our five or six senses (depending on which you choose to utilize) and then record this for structuring our own self. However, learning can be both good and bad and it occurs on both conscious as well as unconscious level. 
What I'm trying to convey is after we've done enough learning in our lives we come to accept certain pieces of information and behaviours and disregard the rest. This is what shapes out the "box" on a personal level, and then we simply keep adding on to it till we meet our graves. I for one, find this unsettling; because the very basis of the human concept is based upon adaptability. Consider an earlier example I gave, which was relating to a complete change in a person's environment and surroundings. The individual will learn to survive in this new set-up only if he can 'adapt' and if adaptability has been a part of his/hers natural learning. Yes, stability is very good and it reaps rewards too; but it is the power of flexibility that gets us through the most challenging and daunting tasks/challenges. "The tree that does not learn to bend, will eventually break owing to being brittle and stubborn". 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Half spoken story

Incomplete and unfinished
My words fly through time to diminish...

For I am a life form of limits
Grim shadows and dim spirits...

I wonder what will become
In the spectrum of today's finish... 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Perspective Inn: Frozen adoration

Perspective Inn: Frozen adoration

The ultimate creation

The eyes see, the brain registers and the thought acts on the maps provided by our resolution on the proceedings. These thoughts, if left to stew in our own internal characteristics turn into actions resulting from the millions of calculated reactions that we reproduce out of out past learning. Sight of something kick starts a chain of events that are ongoing at all times in a humane condition. It starts with recognition, which can be of many different sorts. For example if you see a really beautiful bird sitting on a tree, you start to pay attention, to see the colour and the beauty in details of the image you are receiving. After a moment or two you start to be receptive through your other senses like hearing the ambiance and the feel of wind on your skin. Once you decide what that moment represents, you start to drink down the experience and combine it with your own reactions to it. There are many more factors that are at play, for example the above explained trajectory could be from the outside in or the inside out. The intricacies of a place in time, the flavours of a moment and the way we register it are perhaps endless and as unique as each soul on this planet. 
All of this, the whole of it in it's entirety is just the beginning of one thought process and one tiny little part of our being. We are filled with such archives which contain billions and billions of little stops along our journey from one day to the next. So is the whole existence just these bits and bytes of data that we take in? If the answer was yes, then we wouldn't be any better any higher in order than other organisms. The point is that we consist of not only the things that we absorb but what we bring to this perpetual continuum of  nature. "Man" is the highest order creation not because he/she can make sense but because we are masters of sensing and modifying the surroundings. Just look around you, the sky scrappers, this internet, the wireless connectivity and even the clothes we wear are present because at some point someone learnt how to make use of the wild and naked raw material. 
I am not a believer in the philosophy that certain people are born better then others, although some can decide to be the better or best representation of their own species. Everyone is given the same set of tools, only in different proportions. For example, if you were to throw me out into a jungle I wouldn't know how to survive there as in my mind life exists in the twenty first century as a mixture of technology born of the mind. In chemistry, we learn that various elements can combine to sometimes produce a totally different resultant with different properties even. So where does it lead us ? 
Well where you go from the base camp is only limited by your own motivation, creativity and imagination. Suppression is a powerful tool of erasing a lot of these rain drops that might have taken place within if you would just guide the stream to a better reservoir. "Freeing your mind" means to intake and reproduce in a way that doesn't involve lying to yourself. For example, if I had a traumatic tragedy I would surely use my natural defence mechanism to push it into the uncharted corners of my mind as it was intended. But what happens when I do this unnecessarily? or because the media tells me to think in a way that matches the visions of power brokers? Well, then I would be a puppet to the selective information I am fed and I would most definitely end up being far from unique and special. Obviously I would be in conflict with myself, and would not be able to do my part to the fullest. I'm not saying that media is bad, or that the visionaries of our time are evil. No, some if not more; mean well and take you towards development. But doesn't progression have to be on every level? So I think, we would be better off if we let the environment only compliment the truths inside; and not change or rectify things that do not need correction. Then again, who am I to say? 


Frozen adoration

As I gain on this war, between me and distances keeping you far 
Looking down upon myself; flowing out the hour-glass jar.. 

For life is a second from birth, and a minute from the end
So before I intoxicate in the meaning of being, time to set the bar...

I've never met anyone like you; so constant and yet bizarre
You travel within my thoughts; so addictive, so virtous a scar... 

Nine plus two is ?

Yes! it's that day again, the day that the media and the world around us took a turn towards a new world that we live in today. Some people argue that the events unfolding after nine eleven were set on course way way before that. People outside the United states may not fully understand the level of grief that has endured through all these years, and with such a high death toll no one can refute that feeling. I for one try to stay away from politics and the only struggle I'm overtly interested in is the one that goes on between my heart, brain and the base instincts that define me as "just human". However, almost every social science agrees that the environment around us can have a profound impact on what the weather is like inside of a person; so here we are discussing an event that shook the whole globe.
I don't want to fixate on death and destruction; because honestly speaking I don't have much of a stomach for devastation. What I do want to discuss is how an even can shape and change people's lives. Most people live out their lives outside of themselves including myself, and this causes a sensitivity towards the external image of ourself. The thing is that we probably think more of what people think of us and the circumstances then what our own genuine opinion is. This can be both good and bad, as it gives you a birds eye view on things and on the other hand detaches you from your innate and true nature. So, when a global event happens we usually just take up the opinions that we see on the most popular outlets that humanity turns to.
I know what you are thinking.... "if this piece of writing is about nine eleven then why doesn't it read as such?". But this is not about that day or the days after that, because time is only relevant to what it's used for.  An act of aggression is a wastage of time, unless and until you are too impatient to wait for yours in life. An act of retaliation is justified in some cases, but only when it benefits the people involved and affected. So nine plus two is? yes it's eleven; but the mathematics that have unveiled in the aftermath is more likely to end in infinity of grief and suffering.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tiny version of an epic

Find a place, find a pace 
Look for that moment, and embrace that grace... 

For you are a spec in space 
And happiness is adjusted to your taste....

Know myself,r:18,s:124,i:220&tx=106&ty=52

You know I've always been the kind of person that you'd find detached for a moment and engrossed in some unknown mental struggle. When people ask me "what are you thinking about?", I usually have nothing to say because it's true that I don't really know at the time. I just know that I need to stay put to see where the pieces of the puzzle fall. The thought, it seems only occurs to me when I realize or discover something. For example, if you scroll and see the poem "story of a bullet"; it's of many products of a dazed state and then a sudden insight into my own angle on the "human condition".
Who's to say? because often writers report this type of feelings; which some people dub as a talent or a brew of inspiration and the observations that the author comes across. In my opinion, the mind is vast but the heart is the furthest corner of mental reaches housing the nature of things that we experience. Insight, as defined by psychology appears to be a sudden realization or spontaneous learning of some sort. Albeit, being a believer in spiritual connections with the Ultimate and Divine; I cannot deny that some of these products maybe bestowed rather than created.
Deep thinking can be both attractive and annoying. As an average and bland individual, I think that it's the nature of all things that really empower me to recreate what I see behind the smoke and mirrors that life is made up of. So who gets the credit? certainly not my genius, as I don't claim to have any such attribute. It could be that I have an eye for such natural and supernatural experiences, perhaps born out of meditation or the pressing need to look at things from a unique angle.
Knowing myself and knowing what I am about, is an increasingly complex task for a person like me. I guess all I can say about my self is that I've been blessed with great teachers and greater blessings when it comes to perspective. As you drink down the persona of this perspective inn, I hope you find the source behind these contemplations and blurbs. Sometimes when explaining spiritualism to a friend, I will say "look at this glass holding water, what do you see?" they'll answer by saying "water" or "glass" or "a glass with water". The truth is that when you see a glass full of water, you're actually looking at a submerged perspective. If you think about it, you're looking at the water because the glass is giving it a medium to express itself. It is not the glass that holds the true qualities, but it serves the purpose of manifesting one of the most pure things in nature. So, the next time you look at something; ask yourself this: "am I looking at the glass, or am I looking at the water?". If you find the answer puzzling, then you'll know what I am feeling too. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

A fact stranger then fiction: 

Times have rolled on as I sit still, barely moving due to the friction that my confusions cause. I've realized that the real reason for all the needless thoughts on my mind is my inability to see events without the bias of selfish  reasoning. "Today is the first day of the rest of your life" so they say; but then how is today any different from yesterday if my images are marred by my own angle of looking at it? Strange! that the world corresponds most to the way we perceive it;and not by the course of actions that affect us. 
Yes! this is a thought more like a paradox, but then again conflict management is the source for a lot of the inspiration that we find each day. If we weren't ever confused, how would we ever be curious? If we didn't have moments of weakness, then how would we be able to find the attributes of strength? If we never succumbed to our lower needs, then how would we learn to rise from base? How would we know where the enlightenment begins or ends if there was not any darkness? 
It appears as though the human condition is a mixture of opposite charges when it comes to contemplation and deeper meanings. It is only when we move on from the clouds of haze and corruption within ourselves that we find the reality buried deep under the distractions that we think define us. Yes, this is a strange piece of writing; and yes, this is a fact that is stranger then most fictional conjuring. 

Scar wars,r:12,s:45,i:267

Let the clouds of confusion be your motivation
To release yourself from ugly innovation.. 

Grow and flow like the essence that you are
Climb back up your mountains of exclamation...

Though it is dark now, but feel this sensation
That starts in the heart, the reality adjacent... 

Thus we will know how, to be a model to nations
Inside lie the swords, a far serious domination... 

Story of a Bullet

Gathered from the grains of fire packed in metal 
I aim without difference between cliche or special... 

I'm guided through winds by the vanity of man
I've sided with sins of thy sanity in hand... 

Scattered from the vains of crack held petals 
From the cradle of metal, in death I join rebels... 

I am water

The pool of me hard to swim through, still supporting life...

You wouldn't see me I'm transparent
 know that I can be whatever shape that will suffice...

I flow, so slow as to go on healing
I can purge and surge with a wave of tsunami urge...

I could be absorbed and expelled
I'm water in nature ever travelling, changes to the verge... 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Working Title

Consider for me this, riddle me that; 
which of the two will take off the mask? 

I see myself in the reflection's trap; 
still to claim the word that would fill the gap...