Friday, 21 September 2012

The raging Faith...

Yes, oppression and suppression is a reality of the world we live in today. But have you noticed the kind of people that are representing the oppressed and the oppressors? How come these individuals don't call out to my human nature? How come I'm not tantalized by their words? How is thug behaviour looting and killing part of the most beautiful part of human beliefs? Call me crazy but I just think that before you pick up the banner of peace you must look upon yourself to make sure all the pieces of your faith fit together.
Who speaks for the mother seeking food for her young? Who calls out to feed the millions of hungry souls? Yes some do, but those calls never get the same publicity as these religious feuds, do they? I'm not going to act like an expert on the world because I am no where near anything resembling an activist or a game changer. But I do know my place, I do know that before I tell anyone to quit sugar I must quite it myself. If I'm asking for someone to treat my faith with respect, first I must stop thinking of them as foul infidels. Rhetoric has never been a very good friend of mine, but the thing is that the collective human conscious is linked to this thought, and this is the key to peace in the world today in my opinion.
The energy you feel from a strong faithful endeavour is hard to contain sometimes, believe me I know. But it is just that action which will make you a true believer. If you can contain the raging sea of emotions inside of you, then rest assured you will be able to appeal to more individuals and masses then you've ever dreamed of. These teachings, these concepts are not new; they are not my discovery but they have been there for centuries and centuries. Every single time we are confronted with the choice between patience and violence; as a mass as a bigger group we often pick the wrong actions. Why is mass mentality so close to animal behaviour? Aren't two heads supposed to be better then one? The truth is that when you see an angry mob, it usually consists of the the opinion of one angry individual. That opinion could be hypocritical, it could be selfish or even totally opposite of the faiths involved but I guess we just love having violent shepherds rather than the ones truly intended for us.

A faithful sinner

I pity the ones who raise swords before conscious
I separate myself from the reasons of the obnoxious...

For I'm not a model nor the extreme that you might define
I'm the product of beliefs in the modest human conscience...

I require not overt behavior, only mercy from the One and Only
To show what I truly am, is not a trait of my secretive ambiance... 

The discipline of creativity

Sometimes I feel that the label of monotony is just a killer for creativity; but my opinion on the matter is divided while studying the lives of my heroes. I knew a personality who'd just follow his routine down to the very last detail. However, his routine was so inspiring and his discipline so flawless that it made the strongest possible case for a saddled life. But what of the mind? what of the imagination and what of the brilliance that comes from experimentation? The truth is that, monotony in one's own route towards success is the thing that will get you there in educational steps. 
What am I talking about right? Well what I'm trying to convey that while you can imagine and philosophize all you want; it is the action required after this process that makes beauty of thought apparent. Take my example. I've been writing for almost 12 years now; my mind and heart always felt like a free bird scouring the skies of the limitless human subconscious. Due to this feeling, as a young man I had decided that I would never store any of my poems, because it's just too "conventional" of the poets to do so. I guess I was aiming high, because after all Socrates did the same thing. I soon realized that I was comparing apples with something that might not be fruit at all. So now, I write and share my thoughts and experiences just like all the other writers in the hope that this practice will help me achieve the goal of gaining and perhaps imparting a bit of knowledge too. 
Anything you do, anything that happens and everything that takes place has a set of rules and sequences that it follows to manifest itself. If Leornado Da Vinci had to create a master piece, he did not stray out of the lines to achieve it. Even the most outstanding events have come out of factors that were simply doing their job and by some means became entwined in their brilliance. The hero that I speak of, was my father, and it's funny how the footsteps he left behind are still teaching me the ways of life. To be honest, I can only hope to be a fraction of the man he was; but at least now I understand one aspect of what I aspire to be. For I decide no longer to be a feather in the wind, or a leaf on a stream; I choose to chart out where I want to go and I will make those baby steps to achieve it. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wishes on a falling star

I'm trying to wrap my mind around the concept of wishing on a falling star in the sky. Because it's weird that we choose to believe that a body falling down to obliteration, burning and shining bright from inside could be lucky. Of course just like anything else I think I thought too much into it, but it's an interesting contrast isn't it? 

I mean if you talk about space rocks, they don't really have a life of their own; perhaps just the gravity that they obey until they either give into it; or it lets them go. I'm a believer that everything in this universe is meant for us to find reason behind; obviously it has lead to a lot of stupid questions on my part but hey! it's a hell of a pass time. Not to state the obvious, but it seems that finding the reasons behind a happening is good for clarity and placement of the mind. 

But wait, if I say that everything has a reason behind it; doesn't it mean that everything is predestined? Well, in my opinion destiny is something very complex. Rather than being the straight line that people make it out to be; I believe destiny to a continuous process in the making. If destiny is all of what we make it out to be; then how could it not be proactive of the changes in the continuum taking place every second? Perhaps the written destiny is the ultimate destination, and the route to this have to be chosen. 

Ordinarily extraordinary

When I know what to say, I would not stop to think 
My manners don't allow, to explore miracles to the brink.... 

For I do not need wonders, since I'm a product of surrender 
Tell me the way you happened, give me a reason not to blink...

Monday, 17 September 2012

The romantic in all of us

He sat there thinking to himself "why?", with a resounding curiosity he felt this question blur everything out  but something remained. He had seen this girl before, she'd walk into star bucks order a coffee and walk right past him every single time lighting the place up with shades of white and pink. The check came and he found himself searching for a reason to stay; feeling much like a stalker. Adam, wasn't the type to just walk up to any girl and talk to her because he'd always found this to be too intrusive. However today, he was faced with this struggle between his mind and the rules of his heart.

No, this is not a short story about a romantic beginning because I think that sort of inspiration hasn't come to me just yet. But I do know what that feeling does to one, and I believe a lot of you will agree that it's pretty darn amazing to be infatuated by just a look. It's rare! if not totally absent to be struck by lightning or swept off your feet these days because I guess everything starts with taking down the digits that open up communication between two people. However, you don't get that feeling back once you get home in a distant morning right? so how come, the source of so much excitement turns into an ordinary priority when familiarities take their toll?

Your guess might be as good as mine, but I think romance is something that is relative to personalities. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and found that you look so much better then yesterday for no good reason? I think when you fall for someone the same thing comes into play. It's not so much of getting to know more things about the person you're in love with, but forgetting the things that you love which lead to a lack of spice and everything nice. So my advice is to see what you're missing, try to be the person who you were when you met someone to see the picture you firstly fell in love with.

"See you later"

Kind are the flowers of her memory, the days smell sweeter
Behind me are scores of tragedy, the path ahead is cleaner.... 

For I know that I am missed by the beloved, told by the wind 
And I grow impatient to meet myself, when the grass is greener... 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tolerating intolerance

There are perhaps very few expressions that can actually describe what you feel when your religion/belief/faith is mocked; and most of these feelings are just too hurtful to share. The thing is that a religion is born out of a choice that is so internal and connected to one's soul that there are barely any concepts which can one allow to intrude. However, most religions are about being patient and teach us to be at one with the surroundings and the people we share our lives with. To transgress another's boundary just means that we do not respect our own. 
Look around you, and see how people are interacting on a daily basis. Doesn't it make you think? doesn't it make us wonder where the aggression and rage comes from? Because these people get worried when they hear about other people's sorrow. This tells us that the world is full of beauty and tolerance, and that we just need to open our eyes to it; and close them to acts that are born of judgement and arrogance. Normal people, like you and me feel this way because violence is not too natural a way for a person to express themselves. 
So what does one do? because it's true that there are certain boundaries that every person is prepared to guard with their own lives. Forgive and forget? well that doesn't always help because we live in a world where you must protect yourself. The best protection against negativity is to meet it with an equal force of positivity, because sometimes it's the weakness within us that gives strength to chaos. 

Amidst Blasphemy

Wash and release from the times of despair
For the heart will resist gravels of your trail... 

Let not the aggression cloak, engulf the good fight
The best revenge is a middle path, only time can be fair...