Thursday, 27 September 2012

The sea saw of Modesty and self esteem

I've been thinking on this for a few days now, and it's a combination that baffles me. Of course there will be a few people who subscribe to a stronger viewpoint of religion who would love to make this easier on me. To them I say that I know what my religion is and I also know very well what it teaches; but my goal is to reach mankind for whom that religion was actually meant for; and to do that I must be objective in my concepts. That being said, the personification of modesty in today's world can be interpreted as  a man with monk robe on; and self esteem usually by a women dressed in a tank top or perhaps a well dressed man with a branded suit and sun glasses. 
The point of the matter being that I think we practice too much of association in such concepts. Modesty is supposed to be a synonym of simplicity and moderation. It has very little to do with appearances because this to the best of my understanding is an internal choice, and most people don't get to see what's inside of you unless and until you really trust them. Now, since there are so many different interpretations of simplicity and moderation; then there must a million faces of modesty right? Not really, because exceeding the balance of anything will make that thing into something else. So, a man that absolves the right to defend his rights cannot be seen as modest in this context. 
Self esteem is important, because as they say you must respect yourself to allow others to respect you. Then again, there is vanity; which is often confused today as being self esteem; because you're probably just putting burden on yourself by the huff puff of false credit. A vane person will think of him/her self as being centric to the world; which is basically self esteem on steroids and we all know what happens with steroid users. The point is to give one's self enough respect so that a healthy self image can be maintained, a realistic and logical evaluation of one's achievement is usually the best solution here. 
Of course an overtly modest person will lack in self esteem and a person feeding on vanity cannot be a modest person. Modesty in self esteem is important and even more important is to maintain self esteem when trying to be modest. We are all made of the same stuff and it's just a matter of beliefs that can separate one from the other in terms of goals and achievements. There must be a balance in these two aspects of personality to be a healthy person; or conflicts may arise that will hinder progress in personality. After all, you wouldn't walk upwards on a downward escalator or vice versa would you? because to cover a distance you must first attain equilibrium with the forces at play, only then will you know how much energy or force is needed to move forwarded. 

Birthday resolution

A canvas for my dreams I must provide 
The changes must come and choose to reside... 

Seconds away could be satisfaction in the mirror 
Like the shapes of water, the Maverick must abide.... 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rear view

In most endeavours we must look forth and where we stand rather than looking back at what got us there. The reason for this being that the experience of today is the best form of reward if you are looking for happiness. The past is something that has been and gone, so I personally have always been an advocate of letting the burden of forgone goals and hopes go, and moving on. But what of the memories that help us get through the day? like that of a gentle embrace with our parents or the first time you met your ideal personality? Yes this rear view helps you in finding yourself today, as the bread crumbs that you have followed will always help in keeping you on the right path. 
I don't know if you've ever felt this, but at times I will be sitting at one place and thinking about whatever has me going at the time; and I will find myself looking at myself in respect of the time lapsed. Imagine, being able to see yourself not as the obstruction of light, but as a traveller in the span of oh let's say the last 27 years and the next 20 odd years. It's an overwhelming feeling to look at life from this perspective because it's so unique from the usual experiences that we go through on a daily basis. Yes, we are all aware of the time passing around us but what if we consider ourself the larger hand of the clock? 
When looking back, I'll see various faces and happenings that are still going on because they are a part of me already. Of course to be stuck in this perception is not recommended because you have to keep moving along so that you can change the rear view scene; as today's present is going to be tomorrow's past. So when people tell me that I don't have control of the past, I'm bewildered because I am making my own biography as I go along; so wouldn't that mean that I am actually writing the past in the present too? Yes! this piece of writing gets me a little cross eyed too; but then again not to think on a subject that is so profoundly shaping us would be like having a pie without tasting the sugar. 



A breeze that refreshes the senses, is paid with inner expenses
For the experience that delights, is forthcoming without defences...

Let go the shields of arrogance, absorb meanings of circumstance
A dream is not saddled, shared visions can succumb to offences....

Only Human

That which I hold back in modesty, I always blurt out in vanity 
If the lines criss cross, then my insight might just brush upon insanity....

For there is rage within, then there is the confusing age we are in
I console myself with a single thought, that after all I'm a part of humanity....

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sparkling realization

I was looking at a flower today and trying to understand the variance in contrast and beauty that it spreads all around itself. The form looked so simple so modest from afar but as I got close it kept on getting more and more intricate and intriguing. As I looked deeper still I could make out the mixtures in the sensitive form and detail in the awesome design of the petals and the buds; the stem and the way the light complimented all these. But the memory stayed not only in pictures but the fragrance and the way it made me feel, and made me think how much I've missed when busy with my short lived obsession with the politics and material endeavours. 
I've realized something, that my strength of inspiration lies in the cradle of basic functions of the human mind. I do not do well when I tread into things that involve directing my mind and the thoughts of others. I guess I've got too much work to do within before I start commenting on the world outside as the fruit of this effort always permeates without effort. 
I knelt down and touched the fragile petals, and saw that although life can be volatile it can also be enduring and endearing at the same time. The colours that bounced off the garden, hit me like an epiphany of the beauty that surrounds us, only that we need to choose that we observe it. Kindness is not hard to find, all one has to do to find it is to be gentle with one's thoughts.