Friday, 12 October 2012

Collision of Secrets

Riddles, ideas and buried thought tomb stones 
A man walks half hearted; till his secrecy is cloned... 

A whisper here and a suggestion there, an ideal drone
You never live until you've seen a heart like your own...

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A box of chocolates

I guess we all remember one of the most catchy and philosophical lines in the epic film Forest Gump where the narrator appears in the very first scene of the movie and says "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." It may sound like a cliché' now but back then it moved me in a big way. Imagine the possibilities that could spring from this kind of thinking; that whatever may be placed in your way is another chance to take another jubilant leap in your existence.
All chocolate lovers know that when we look into a box of assorted chocolates the mouth waters with all the possibilities that we can experience by simply reaching out and taking a bite. When situated in a particular moment of life, we have so many ways to go and so many things we can do. All of these routes are blurred out by our internal motivation which drives us towards precedented results. Of course, there are choices which are bad choices but the element of calculated risk can really set us in the right direction in terms of finding that sublime taste that we never knew existed until we tried it. 
Socrates said "all I know is that I know nothing". So, the beginning of wisdom is like a box of chocolates too; because you must first admit that the outcomes although predictable in some cases may not lie within our reach of understanding. This doesn't suggest that one should leave the daily routine of providing for one's family or to meet the basic needs, but to highlight that there is something larger than base needs that is out there for each and every one of us. 
"To be the one with answers, you must be one that asks a lot of questions first" (a quote by yours truly). In order to question something you must be curious about it. To be curious about something you must be in an exploratory frame of mind. An explorer is in it for the adventure of the trip, and not always for the treasures that would come to him any ways with the package of effort. They say the greatest treasure is that of knowledge, and there is no denying that any new step in a new direction brings with it a new experience dripping with new information and learning.