Saturday, 20 October 2012

An illusion?

When we look out our window we may see nature and the birds chirping, people going about their lives and sounds and smells of what we've awoken to. Imagine that this world that you take part in everyday was made of something entirely different from what it seems. Sounds a little bit like dialogues from "the matrix" doesn't it ? well the thing is that the world around us is very much real, but it is our perception of this world around us that may play tricks on our mind from time to time. 
From what science tells us everything is made of atoms, and atoms are essentially made up of tiny bodies revolving around each other bound in a seemingly perpetual attraction of charges, forces and on the base level the energy they have procured from their position or motion. So all the force that binds everything around us is essentially made up of energy that each tiny little particle has in one way or the other. So are we all made of energy? or is it looking too much into things? An illusion is essentially a take on reality that doesn't align with it's true form. So, what do we see when we are walking or driving to work? we see people and things and actions as the fundamental basics of this ambiance around us. Yes, we miss out the details, one of which is that all of this we perceive is made up of energy working at it's best. 
Another big truth in life is distance and solitude down to the very core of every existence. Although this world could not be held together until the factors came together to provide for it, the factors are mostly just seen as the prisoners of these forces. I think, in reality each minuscule factor and particle is able to form companionship due to the energy that it has to borrow or to lend when it comes to existence. What is this energy that gives everything the power to bind and mix? actually energy is one of the most interesting things in the world. Although there are perhaps hundreds of types of energies like sound and light, it is a fact that energy is never fully destroyed but it simply changes it's form. So essentially, it is all one thing acting with many different fa├žades at many different levels at the same time. The world around us isn't just the products that we see, it is the most astounding example of how One can manifest as one yet appear as if there are billions of universes.  More on this later.... 

Heading out

Caste the lines of hope in the quagmire called life. 
beat the thorns in your throat and out speak the strife... 

Remember to be watchful while stepping through stones. 
what's solid today may melt away by unseen plight...  

Friday, 19 October 2012

Looking in

For the last five years or so, one of my favourite concepts has been to close one's outer eyes and look what lies inside. It seems it has been ages since I used to be a person with very limited viewpoints on the world and while everything looked solid from the outside I felt that my experience was filled with hot air and nothing else. We all know that hot air rises until it reaches a point when it cools down and comes down in one form or the other to meet the earth beneath our feet. So, when I hit rock bottom I realized that I was too concerned with the world around me and had forgotten to realize what needed attention inside of me.
So what lies beneath this thin membrane of personality that at times fails it's purpose when an internal conflict arises? The answer is: everything! Imagine yourself as a sponge but also a body, which in it's united form is liquid, ever changing. What do you feel? well in my experience I'm a being that is able to absorb and expel but unlike a sponge we change and adapt to this sequence of events at times coming out better for it. Confused but amused right? that's what I fill most my days with and once I found it I've found out that the world that I was seeing around in images of fashion and fads was just a means of satisfying what has been conditioned into me by salesmen at the biggest level. I too have been a salesman and I know when a pitch is getting rhetorical.

What I've found is not describable as it's an ocean of colours and spectrum that I'm yet to decipher. I'm sure I will someday reach a conclusion, may it be to the inquisition into the internal human condition or the striving mind that I have. Yes, it's a bit weird and obscene to some people when you say that the world inside of you is much bigger then the world outside because no body else sees what you see when you close your eyes. However, if you think about it; the inner abode has to be bigger because it holds the outer world as well as your consciousness to it, on the other hand it holds fears and conquests that were never made. Some say that God resides within, well in my opinion the Grandest of mysteries cannot be solved from sifting through a material and limited existence. The best place to look for what you do not know, is to find it where you have stored the answer; or rather where you need to put it. 

Tip of my tongue

Words at bay seem so far away
The feelings that shine through, seem to make their own way...

Black! the absence of colour, defines the light ray
Evil and good for better and for worse, we are who we are, needless to say...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Veil

Crowded are the doors the leap years leave behind
Stunned are the addicts as they are drawn towards the shine... 

Look beyond the obvious if you need to be passing by
Keep your gaze on the Eternal, keep your heart from going blind...

Monday, 15 October 2012

What's in a word?

They say that words can be dynamic or dynamite, that the letters can scream bloody rage or they can hypnotize with affection, and that they are like bullets that don't allow retraction once launched. Various perspectives have birthed various ideas on how and why words can be so potent. A word can act as currency when you use it in the right place at the right time, while the exact same combination of syllables or letters could get you into a whole lot of trouble when you choose it without thinking. 

In my opinion words are a medium that carry all sorts of traffic, albeit that they do not carry a great portion of our communication towards others. We also think in words so intra personal communication is another way that the words affect the world around us. Then there are involuntary blurts that even surprise the portrayer because they are rooted deep in the unlit corners of the mind and only come out when the build up has reached a peak. 

So, what's in a words? it is an expression of your emotions, logic, animosity, generosity, selfishness, likes, dislikes and most importantly of your situations and reactions. A word contains what you know and what you want to tell, it teaches others and yourself. A word will arrive in a setting and perhaps change the mode, it could intoxicate with it's eloquence and it could disgust with it's audacity. The roots of this fruit are deep within yourselves and who ever chooses to consume this can have the same ripple within them and cause a chain reaction of change. A word can be immortal too, if you think about it; when I'm blown away in dust, my words will still be here speaking my mind.