Friday, 26 October 2012

The likelihood of dislike

What does it take for us to be repulsed by a certain phenomenon? Well a person would, on the surface believe that this is just because the way they are. However, what makes a person who they are is a composite and intact form of a life’s history and its own little magic map that shows it possible outcomes for the future. So at an instant a person’s likes or dislikes are bound by their position in their own perceived continuum. We are all time travellers without even knowing it. 

There is little doubt about the fact that different people like different things, and sometimes some people may dislike others for what they do or don’t like. The only question would be if there is a benchmark for acceptable affinity with a particular thing or event. Perhaps there is no real answer here, because it changes with each individual sequence of choices and circumstances resulting from other choices and factors that make up a personality.

The scents and smells, the feelings one goes through when lonely, the anger or fear from a past or imagined event and the sight of something that just doesn't sit well without any apparent reason. These are all linked and controlled by the human condition that may or may not be controllable by the individual. So what’s the likelihood of disliking something? The resolution is somewhat similar to answering the question whether feelings tell us how to react or we feel the way we decide to react.


Lives go on and so do you, the pulse moves; and the beat stays true 
We are who we are, each of two; parallels never meet, they just see it through… 

Carrying on when we have to; living out a false virtue 
We follow, seeing sunny days through; separating at first sight of gloom.. 

But just like the seven days amaze you; this part will come true 
That vision charts destiny; and humility with release you...

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Criss cross

You know people keep telling me that I contradict myself, which maybe true when you look at it through their eyes. However, for me it's not so much contradiction but contrast of things. Sometimes a comparison in opposites can give you some real insight into the phenomenon that your trying to observe. For example the animal inside the human or the heights in the lows.

Any how, I'm just the kind of person that believes in the fact that things aren't always what they seem. That if there was no darkness there would be no recognition of light, if there wasn't ever sorrow then we wouldn't ever know true happiness and if there wasn't any evil inside us we would never celebrate the goodness as we do now. It's not that the dark reflection of the light is necessarily a source or a purpose but it seems to me that everything has it's purpose; and the purpose for the downers is to show you the value of holding yourself high.

The beauty in extreme contrasts is that you always get a profound and deep meaning out of the discoveries. Of course not every opposite may have a common source with another but there are some things inside and outside of us that just add to the complexities of defining lines in our existence. In my opinion, this world can't just be about simple, brittle and straight conclusions; as I believe that a Greater plan is at play when we talk about destiny and future. We all know that artists stimulate the imagination with their questions left behind in unanswered or non concluded trails, so who's to say that the grandest of arts doesn't have a more intriguing reality then we define it to be?

The similar faces

Waking and living may be two different things
Evil and good could sprout from the same kin…

We live in a world of the distinguished; a planet with a spin.
When will we open our eyes; to the similarities within?   

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Rediscovery is a beautiful thing and it can certainly bring back memories that will remind you of where you took the wrong or the right turn to be situated at the vantage point of clarity or distortion. In some cases one realizes the changes that need to be made and consciously drives down the path of a new beginning. It is this will to better one's self which motivates a transition from being a man to a good man and perhaps a great man some day. 

So how do we induce this urge? well frankly speaking I've always found that the motivation to create a better future comes from a past or present state that leaves something to be desired. It could also be that you get a taste of something really sublime and it has left you wanting more, but you can't get more of that feeling before you improve your circumstances. Yes, good things can be addictive too. Even the kindness one can show to a stranger, the charity one gives away without wanting recognition or the feeling that fills one when they see the happiness of another. 

There is a flip side to this too; which I like to call a mudslide. Just like descending from a slippery slope of wet mud; you'd stand on a certain height of character and loose yourself to the gravity of all the negativity that continuously seeks to drag you down.The only thing is that as opposed to climbing the slope of good character, it's easier to forget your descent until your back the beginning marred  by low self esteem as this time you have carried down the regret of ever letting yourself go. Here at the rock bottom you discover a new low, because loosing something good after achievement is harder on the senses then to have never achieved it. 

However, the most wonderful thing about rediscovery is that you can always start again and perhaps this time you will pick up more useful tools along the way that you may have missed out on the first time. One of my favourite phrases from Allama Iqbal (RA) of the subcontinent can be translated as "to strike and turn around, and return to strike; is an excuse to keep the blood warm", so there's no shame in trying again. After all we are adaptable creatures, and the hardships only prepare us for a greater challenge that may come our way. To repair yourself and prepare yourself for the same challenge may land you farther then the milestones you expect. 

How I came to be

Once upon a time; I tried so hard and failed over time
So I started to wonder; denying and wasting my time on vane line of crime...

The world began to attest me like desert to wine
It was a century of "ME" with fire in mind...

So passed a lifetime; until I woke up crying
My eyes were shadows and I'd become the devil's shrine...

I asked the reflections; dancing rays of sunshine
Will I ever go back? Will I ever be in line?

I got sick of asking nicely; turned back running blind
And that's the story; of a time since I've started trying...

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The romance in rain

It's inexplicable for me, but whenever it rains I always feel the romantic in myself come alive. Perhaps it's the serene sound of  the water drops in trillions landing where they once left off. The concept of how water evaporates from the earth's surface and returns to it has always fascinated me. Of course man has always had a very philosophical and even religious view of rain from the very earliest of times. So my best guess is that it's the union of the two basic elements of life that are earth and water that excite my senses.

Maybe it's the fact that I am off from work today and that I'm having tea (one of my favourite drinks) and the ambiance is just right for a writer to let loose his imagination. The pounding of water drops falling down indiscriminately upon the privileged and non-privileged alike is just a great equalizer; stating the obvious that all humans were created equals. Like I've said before there are many factors of why a moment can be fun by association; for instance I wouldn't be experiencing this if I was trying to get to work today and making my daily walks. 

You must be asking yourself "where's the romantic? and why does the philosopher overpower him?" Well the thing is even though I can be a hopeless romantic at times, revealing him is a challenging tasks. Like all self-proclaimed philosophers I deem myself to be a complicated man. May be it's just a fancy way of calling myself smart but the truth is that the internal world is harder to conquer then most empires around you, at least for me. All I can say right now is that the breeze feels to me like her beautiful face in just the right light, the sound of water like that sweet voice of hers asking me how I am and the fresh renewal after the rain's washing like the first time I would see her everyday. It's already over and all seems new again, and I'm left still with just me myself and the feelings that are slowly passing me by. 

All eyes on thee

Everybody seeks attention in life, it's just that most of us don't want to admit it; for instance if you every met me in person asked me if I was an attention seeker I would so totally outright deny it. However, by studying my own nature and the nature of others I have found out that attention seeking is something that we are conditioned to do from the very very early days of our birth. So do I actively "try" to seek attention ? probably not; but do I do things that will get me attention? absolutely; it's just that most of these things have become so entwined with my personality that even I don't know how to single them out. 
Basically, the need to have attention drawn towards ourself is a positive thing to the best of my understanding. In some cases it is a survival instinct, for example when a baby is born and he/she has very little knowledge of how the world works; they would still cry out if they are hungry or dirty or in pain. The infant doesn't know that crying will get him/her attention but he also doesn't know any better; so they sound the only alarm they have which is the high pitched crying sound. The mother will come to their aid repeatedly when this happens and this will give birth to an association with the fact that the most dependable figure in the baby's life is responding to their distress call. That's an integral and very basic start of communication by a tiny cuddly human. 
So, if attention seeking is inborn to some extent and it's good to alarm when harm is apparent then what's there to talk about? Well, if you look around you will see people who like to "steal thunder" as most of us put it. They say that excess in everything is bad, which is true; because too much attention will give you incorrect perceptions about yourself. A disorder in its very benign form is when someone looses grip of what's factual in themselves or others. For example if everyone around me was always paying attention to me, because of my overt behaviour or whining; then I might start thinking more of myself then what is real. Vanity is rooted in thinking your better then others; at times you can condition yourself to think that way simply because your behaviour is drawing more attention. In the end, the inception of a wrong idea implanted by the person themselves can cause some serious societal irregularities if it happens on a larger scale. 

Right to live, or live to right?

I've been pondering something these past few days, and it has brought me much confusion with little conclusion. The thing is that there are so many surprises that come our way when we move through humanity as a society that it can be over whelming sometimes. I'm a man of limited mental resources and I have less than adequate self control to control myself in feeling a certain way. This enigma is based on the right to live as one pleases, or in reciprocation exercising one's resources to right what one thinks is wrong. 
It could be a bit contradicting when we believe in a society where every one must have freedom to live by their own beliefs and schools of thought, and at the same time opportunities of righting the wrongs for the greater good present themselves. A lot of the times living by one's beliefs and doing the right thing is synonymous. However, what happens when one's freedom of choice crosses the path of a righteous man trying to make the world a better place? Well I think we have a lot of examples in history and in present where one individual thinks that he knows better then the others and wants to exert correction but ends up hurting perhaps thousands of people. So where to draw the line? 
In my opinion direction is important when masses are at play, if you don't believe me just observe traffic at a broken traffic light. It's not about the collective intelligence (which out to be the sum of it's parts or maybe even more) but about synchronization of decisions and inferences. Raw power without control can spell chaos, as the nuclear energy discovery has so hauntingly taught us. So who may be shepherd of a herd that is within it's right to exercise thoughts and ideas unsaddled? The problem lies not with control, but with lack of articulacy when exercising control. The evil is not in the need to organize but in the notion of organizing into a big mesh of uniformity something that is unique in it's every element. Living to right the wrongs, is a hard duty; but then again it is seldom performed the way it was meant to be done.