Friday, 2 November 2012

What dreams may come to

I know, I know I'm borrowing a title from a movie but I promise I don't do that very often so bear with me a little bit. Dreams, as you might have experienced are one of the most peculiar of human experiences that we can come across. Psychology says that these are manifestations of your inner desires, suppressions or even urges and wants; while spiritualism considers the psychological assumption but adds that dreams may also be a portal of communication between you and a world beyond this dimension. 

Have you ever awoken in the middle of a dream and found yourself uttering words from the same scene? or perhaps sweating uncontrollably as a result of one? I have. It's amazing how an experience that is just in your head can trigger physical responses like speech and other mechanism. The reason being that the world as a fact of itself, exists to you only because you are able to understand it in your head. If there was a phenomenon that you couldn't calibrate with your mind, well then it wouldn't be a problem because you'd never notice it. 

The thing is that to the best of my understanding the dream world is as unexplored as the nearest galaxy to our own, the milky way. We see it, we can feel the changes that it brings, we can even speculate and make theories about it; but no one really knows it's secrets because we don't even know if it's in the same time zone as ours. Well, light travels at a set speed right? and it gives us a look into the past for things that are very far away and beyond our reach; just like that you can't touch a dream but you can see it unfolding without being sure of the when and what. I know one thing though, sometimes I find myself in a moment that is an exact replica of the scene I saw in a dream perhaps months or years ago.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Who's to judge?

"thou shall not judge" am I right? Well yes that is true, judgement without the correct context is like stealing because you aren't giving the object of your judgement a chance to explain themselves. Of course this is true in cases where we pass a controlled verdict on someone within ourselves without really knowing a person. However, on the flip side sooner or later we are all required to make judgement calls so that our personal growth can propagate.Like everything else in life, there is a balance for this element of human nature too. 

Think about your day today, how many judgement calls did you make? If I speak for myself, you'd probably end up thinking I'm obsessive in some crazy kind of way. The thing is that whenever we see something, the presupposition that floats up from the subconscious parts of our brain has more like a cause and effect action. So, in order to perceive something there is a small amount of judgement required; it's only the flexibility of  that initial verdict that allows us to change this initial image of anything in our mind. As they say "A tree that bends, is often left standing after storms".

This brings another question to my mind: "are we all just predisposed to react to things in a certain way?" Well in my opinion the answer could be yes or no. There is a saying from where I come from: "A utensil will only give you what you put in it" which means that whatever we decide to keep around us and consequently absorb is similar to how we react to the things that come our way. To control one's reactions is to control one's environment like a scientist or experimental psychologist, because it takes a lot of work. Hence the phrase "I'm just human", because mistakes are a part of the beauty that is free will. 


Diminish negativity nourish faith
Loose your ways but keep your face...

Watch the world and let it amaze
Look deep within to find your grace...  

Screen play

This delusion of illusion; doesn't amount more than clay
What ever the words sound like; I prefer what reality has to say...

So it screams from the hills; it shouts for me to dare
I've got to do more than acting; for life is different backstage...

Monday, 29 October 2012

Eye of the artist

The life we live today, is a derivation of the past and the seeding ground for the future. I learnt this quite some time back but I hadn't applied this concept until recently. Most people would look at this piece of quote and think that it means that you work as hard as you can because your current financial situation is because of how hard you worked or studied yesterday, and then you repeat the same thing today to get better results tomorrow. Yes, that's true money is important in today's world, but that's just it isn't it? "it's important to the world" meaning the external, and just another drop in the pond of the humane condition. 

Artists (and I'd like to be called one someday) are sensitive creatures, they find a point of view that excites them and they have another quality which is expression. For example, what do you see when you see a child crying? do you see only that they are missing their ice cream or favourite teddy, or do you see the beauty in their innocence to be so concerned in so little? Perhaps you see that sorrow is just a phase that we all go through sometimes and is much easily forgotten, and when you put your articulate glasses on you will see a hell of a lot more from something that you might witness maybe everyday or couple of hours if your a parent. 

The artist has an eye for things we can say, not the same kind of eye that a soldier or a pick pocket has; but a perspective on the world that is beautiful in itself. Of course each artist has their own way of expression and inspiration, but what they all have in common is that they discover things all over again; things which have been in plain sight all our lives but we never knew could be looked at in a certain way. Not creators, not discoverers not adventurers, these people are something a mixture of all these things and more; and it's just that their way of expression is so unique and stunning that we are amazed by their creativity. For an artist, originality is simply expressing things in their own unique style. There are few real artists, and then there are few that mistake art for expertise. 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

If I was a beggar

If I was a beggar, I’d ask to be persistent
I'd ask the Ultimate, contending with existence...

I'd be thankful to have nothing, free from wealthy difference
Only if I was a beggar, I'd have a heart full of light essence...

And if I was beggar, I wouldn't ask with my lips
I'd write visions with pleas, for ignorance bliss...

And if I was indeed a true beggar, I would never ask you for nothing...
I'd be free from the puppet masters, being ever lost to world's bluffing…

Material endeavours

Lights and shadows, shiny crystal balls
Greens, buildings so tall; the deserted, yet we stall...

Different means for various calls
Worldly selections, for spirits one and all....

Realization and reality

I've always used the phrase "keep it real" when meeting or parting with my friends or acquaintances but no body's ever asked me why I do that. People just assume that because of my "american" exterior I'm just doing that to impersonate rappers or something worse. Well today, I feel like explaining myself because I rarely do so in real life. Reality, as my previous posts have attempted to explain is a relative concept; relative to the way you see yourself and the where you place your thoughts as they fuel your actions. 

You see the definition of reality is: a thing that is in existence and at times tangible or plainly saying, is a "fact". However, what of the things that are tangible but aren't factual or the things that are a hypocrisy of what they represent or define? So to realize what that particular thing is you would have to deviate from the definition of reality right? because it is in existence but it is not 'factual' in it's existence. OK  so I don't know about you but I get a little cross-eyed when I look into this particular question. The upside is that thinking in this way makes me adapt to the concept that reality is based on the opinion of influential figures or groups in our society, which makes sense if you really look around. Now, I'm not saying that these opinions are wrong; but they are not my opinions because I like to make an opinion exclusively from within only to be influenced by someone or something that I really admire. But that's not how it always goes down, believe me. 

 Yes, this chain of thought is very close to the way people think just before they are locked up right until they are too tranquillized to even remember what they were thinking of. However, if you see insanity in another light; it is also accepting 'illusions' for reality; so in a way to absorb hypocrisy as reality is also madness. My feeble mind tells me that; to be free, happy and content one must subscribe to the thoughts that are closest to his/her nature. In today's world popular things are taught to be real, most accepted behaviours are deemed as normal and that means that the individual is being saddled. One of my favourite titles for myself is 'Maverick' not because I have violent tendencies but because I choose to have a voice in a sea of distortion, only because my symphony is mine and no body else's; because to be unique is to be closest to our own humane nature. 

Bridge data roam

Albeit in separation, there is little division in distance
For the memories bind, friendships in an instant...

For the wheels of time will roll, and roll back to something else
Smiles are written in stone, and the good times into incense...

The cage

This prison of my daily acrobatics, the construction of fallible systematics
A compilation of crazy dramatics; a mask to originality informatics... 

Wheels of time see right through me, give me just enough moments to brew me
The cannibal inside pursues me, reasons will burn themselves to clue me...

The need to break free a shackle within itself; escape just a constant in this mathematics
The hour that gazes into the future today; is time spent on unstable schematics...