Saturday, 10 November 2012

The nail

Pull out before you are stuck too deep, for the envy of one's self is a wish for defeat
For there cannot be too many that are too proud, so few are left and the rest obsolete... 

Experience the bow of a fruitful tree, to weather the storms and land on your feet
Cry not wolf for we prey on ourselves, unseen are the burns within the calamity discrete...

Friday, 9 November 2012

Writing in riddles

At times people come to me and ask me why the catharsis that I present in my writings is so cryptic and dense. I've always found beauty in depths, always considered hardships as a way to get better (even though I moan and whine every step of the way) and I've always believed that anything worth learning requires a certain amount of thinking effort. So, when I try to grasp a concept and I am aware of the pros and cons I present my two cents on the topic as a concise but rich combination of feelings and logic. 

My inspiration in writing comes from the human experience. I don't read too many books but my brain has this underlying need to understand things in their deeper definitions. When I look at something I want to know why that image is presented in my head the way it is and whether the representation is doing justice to it's purpose. The fact that I'm a viable narrator is only due to my urge to scratch the surface and look within to see what makes us tick. Of course there are better ways to look at things and deep thought presents with it many challenges, but it is these obstacles that make such a plain achievement like understanding life and the living worth my while. 

They say that a utensil will only present to you what it contains inside it. To be transparent in one's personification is one of the most difficult tasks that I have come across in my life; as expressing what others may see as taboo takes courage and a firm belief in one's self. The fact is that covering up bitter truths of life in wraps of complexities before the sweetness of it's meaning is a practice that is enjoyable on many levels. For, having a portrait in many waves and layers only adds to the beauty; just as something preserved in veils always seems more valuable.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

An open mind, a fortress

To accept what is presented at the core of it's nature is a skill that few can display readily. Whenever we see, hear, experience or perceive something we are bound to associate that which is new with what has passed us by and left an 'after taste'. To have an open mind doesn't mean that you do not let your past experiences influence the future decisions, it means to keep an objective approach in receiving new information, which means that the first thing you need to be honestly "open minded" about is your past and present. A person at peace with one's self is a person that meets the world with open arms and a welcoming ambiance. 

Objectivity is at the centre of accepting facts in their essence, and to absorb things at the correct angle one must have no angle to begin with. To do this, is not easy. If you look at a colour, let's say pink in my case; my own favouritism will get in the way at first. However I have conditioned my brain to keep my preferences about things reserved when I am passing judgement on an experience. This alone allows for a pretty three dimension view of an object and increases the growth in learning considerably. 

Accepting change is the hardest when it comes to keeping a bird's eye view on things. Because you are so engulfed in the happenings that you simply cannot fathom the thought of stepping away and perhaps look at what's going on around you. Yes, all of the world exists within you; but the world within doesn't include you only. Meaning that there are foreign ideologies, emotions and concepts within all of us whether we know about it or not; and once we realize this we begin to understand why keeping an open mind is so important. However, it's not so simple to be a sponge of experience; because the window of open mindedness is sometimes relevant to one's own situation. An open mind is a fortress because it is free from the intrusions of conflict that arise from suppression of nature. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Three dots

What can I say, as you leave so little in grey... 
So colourful in your simplicity, that perfection isn't far away..

For I always come back for more, the attraction doesn't sway... 
It's enough to hear your silence, I'm surrounded and I will stay...