Saturday, 17 November 2012

Awaiting game

The wisdom in patience, comes not from the waiting 
A winner doesn't wait; he bides the chances that time is creating... 

Although the resilient, don’t mind being trampled 
It’s a stance before strike, a slingshot’s blow in the making...

Friday, 16 November 2012

Red carpet

Come one and welcome all, to the back of my brainy walls
For you get what you can carry, take a reading from my crystal ball...

There is a sequence to our humanity, leading to demise in vanity
Few become many in an empty hall, there is an echo to my internal brawl... 

I am

"I am" writing this to explain something that related to everything yet so subtle in it's understanding that we mostly just ignore it. This concept is the deeper meaning of the expression "I am" which we so casually put in front of many wants, needs, explanations and justifications. Well, it obviously denotes the present tense a particular continuous expression of how one would define the definition at hand. However if you go deeper still, you will see that the interpretation of yourself is subject to many schools of thoughts in this world, at this very moment. 

There was a poet in a region of my country called Kasur, he was known by the name "Bulleh Shah" and he produced one of the most riveting pieces of writing that I have ever come across in my life. The catch phrase was "Oh, Bulla what do I know who I am?" He continues to try and explain his existence in terms of faith, discipline and actions and comes back to the same catch phrase concluding that he's not really sure of what constitutes as him as he doesn't fall into any of the categories he is well versed in. 

So who am I? well this question is also relative like many of the explanations I've tried to present on my blog. Socrates said "Know thyself" so it's kinda important to actually answer this question. For some people the answer is in the race, for some it is in religion, for some it is in feelings and for fewer still the answer hangs in the balance of the space and time continuum. The answer in my honest opinion lies in what we choose to be at that moment, because our choices change and they profoundly affect the definitions and outcomes of our existence continuously. They say to understand the Creator, you must understand His creations. To grasp the meaning of what you consist of can be as grand as you feel it could be, or as infinitesimal as blinking your eyes as the definitions are only as good as the matter they seek to illustrate. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Walk the talk

Hypocrisy is one quality that no one would admit to liking because it portrays complete dishonesty in terms of our societal relationships. It's true, most of us try decently to avoid being a person that says one thing at one time and then contradicts that statement to do something completely different at another point in time. However when we say something, we usually don't relate that to real life experiences so sometimes words can exaggerate the real deal that lies beneath the skin. 

Either we always say what we mean (which is not always possible in my case) or we always become to mean what we say. Of course words can be stronger then actions sometimes, but if words come before the actual act then you are working towards being true and the failure will make you a liar. Underlying schemes don't really matter in this retrospect because people that have to hide their intentions to the ones that care for them won't mind being a hypocrite either way. 

Apart from the religiously sensitive sentiments presented above, there is always the matter of dignity and self image. If I am continuously violating my own quotes and saying, then I would be the strongest element in creating a conflict within myself when it comes to my personality; which means that instability is not far off. The thing is that every time we claim or say something we are subconsciously creating an expectation from ourselves; and if not met this expectation will snowball into disappointment. It's best to say the good you mean, or become to mean the good that you say.  So what does it take, not to be fake? well in truth it's only one's own sake. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Name

Some tell and some say; that Masood means unique or prestige of play
But who knows? Nor do I; for I'm a soul clinging and cast away...

it's a strange thought I know;we're all spirited and lead our own way
I could choose to be anything;Albeit the choices already been made...

Sometimes I'm a good man; other times just a stranger at bay 
Courage need and temptation; part of my one act play...

For I have never seen; a part of me without obscene
I guess I live on edge a little; never revealing my game...

One hope I'm allowed to have; one thing I'd wish from the grave 
That I leave behind one grain of change; to be more than a name...

The bad in another

As we ended our walk back home from work, a very dear friend of mine asked me a question: "why do we always focus on the bad in people, even though they might carry a lot more good in them?". At the time, I just spoke from the heart and expressed my opinion that our brain is always working to keep things at an even keel in this jungle of a world and that's why we always try to justify the ugly weaknesses in us by identifying some in another. However, that couldn't be it could it? 

The reasons for finding bad in others and gossiping about it (by no means limited to women only) are far and wide in my opinion. There are a few of us that simply believe that this world is best experienced when you live as a twin bladed sword; as the fast pace of today's life indicates that survival of the fittest is the most celebrated primal quality that we possess. But what of the qualities corresponding to compassion, self sacrifice and peace? I don't want to paint a gloomy picture of the society around us, but ask yourself this: if a man gave up a $1000 just because his conscience didn't agree with it, how many of us would consider him wise? If the answer is many, then I'm yet to most of the world. 

The focus is not money, it's not success and it's not even how much popularity you have. The fact of the matter is that being witty is fast becoming synonymous with achieving goals by hook or by crook. A man or women driving by in a Mercedes will always get more respect then a man working a 12 hour day to feed his family; because the yardstick for success is not character but material in today's world. On one hand no one wants to be poor, on the other no one wants to be bad; bring these two hands together and you'll get the perspective prevailing today.