Thursday, 22 November 2012

The reach

Obstacles and memories; milestones and door ways
Distant in the distance afar; I'm a traveller like in the old age...

But I look not for treasures; Glitter doesn't capture my sight
I search for my being of light; piercing shadows to a spot lit stage...

Stand for something, so you don't just fall for anything

I remember being angry at one particular day, as a result of reading too many newspapers and following the world politics way too closely. As a result I posted on my timeline that in this world people who don't stand for much are more likely to take seats in a national assembly. Of course I was wrong to judge before looking into my own actions, but one of my mentors in life replied to this and he corrected me saying "A man that stands for nothing, will fall for anything". This made me realize that in the world of quotes and motivations, sometimes old is truly gold. 

Why do we stand for something? well for some it's a matter of just gaining political momentum in popular circles so that they can further themselves in power snatches. However those, are a minority in this world and as I've come to believe; the majority of people in this world still have a basic understanding of true humane behaviour. So a person who is being honest with themselves, will stand for something because a voice inside of him/her has said that there is a need for improvement and change and that courage is in swimming upstream against the flow of violent seas. 

The triumph of good and justice is more important then the worldly situation outside of us, it is imperative to become whole in our own personalities that we take a stand once in a while. It's not about being a hero, because it is the people who stand behind the heroes that do the actual wonders, it's just the matter of choosing the right type of hero. I'm not saying that we should pick a side or pick up arms either, I'm just saying that we need to be awake to the fact that if we live our lives trying to avoid a collision with evil then we may never achieve anything more then the dust that floats in the winds. Weakness is not in being lesser in power, it is from the frame of mind that power decides for the outcome of a struggle. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A modern tomorrow

It is but a bond of perspective; this advance of age 
Dissolving the provision; a cage within a cage... 

The passing will become; intentions that build 
Almost predictable is an indecisive stage...

Job description of a writer.

A person expressing themselves in a manner that appeals to others as well as captivating interest in the topic could be assumed as a moderate or a good writer. However, depending on the scope of study which interests the author the information presented may vary from one piece to another. Some people have their lives filled with exciting and inspiring events and they simply need to narrate this in a presentable manner to capture an audience. Others may produce an analysis that jumps off the pages to derive something old or new in a unique manner, and on it goes with different styles and stances. 

To me, the more thought provoking question is why people would choose to read a particular individual. Some just have this talent and skill to put words together in a manner that is attractive and ends up being an example on its own, others place weight in the emotions and the details of a moment in such a way that brings text to life. Revolutionary thoughts, a research of interesting origins or even a biography of outstanding events in a person's life can capture the attention of masses; but today the art of writing is not always celebrated in it's true form. 

The words that fly of the pages and into the mind of an individual carry with them the power and responsibility of modifying the society for better and not for the worse. However, since interests and opinions  come in many shapes and sizes a lot of us writers get away with a lot of stuff that isn't really worth the time. They say that just because you feel that something should be said, doesn't necessarily mean that it should be heard. A skill set is complete only when it is utilized towards progress and prosperity and not just as a tool to make fame and money. The moral matters more then the story as the stories that we tell must centre on something that is bigger then the catharsis being presented by the individual who wrote them.