Tuesday, 27 November 2012


There is a comfort zone in the monotony of life that we relate to as the ideal situation. However, for successful people this definition always kept changing; as they always raised their own expectations to new paradigms. To be uneasy for a greater cause then the one being currently subscribed to is to change for the better by taking the pain in creating a more beautiful self image.
Why do we look at new things? Well, because they attract us as something different from our routine and although the routing works for us mostly but we need to add some flavour once in a while. The colour in new angles is because every time light hits an objection from a new set of rules; it creates a more interesting copy of the image then the one before.
The need to diversify in race, in pace, in space and in grace is basically that you need new goals each day to keep you in the limelight of creativity. Everyone knows that change is a part of nature and life, as things rarely happen the same way twice; so life in it’s own nature is a harbinger of variation. Just like science attempts to explain our physical existence with the hypothetical theory of evolution our mind and soul are constantly trying to define the meaning of life in terms of the changes that will be and have been.