Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A turn to roots

It's been an interesting journey this one, trying to find my center. Now, I know when I'm writing these things that most are wondering if it's a huge waste of time to keep looking inside when there's so much going on outside. I mean life's short and the reality is that most of us are just looking to save up some cash so that they don't end up in that muddy and sticky left lane of life. Yeah, I'm like that too; for about 12 hours a day and then it gets kind of old because honestly if I were to end up a man of little means I would still be better off then a rich man who doesn't know much of what anything means (yeah I've met a few of those, it's like looking at cardboard! For real!). So, in all of this; I wanted to find my true, raw, spirited and at times extravagant self. By the end of the day I had my first piece of writing in the language of my parents and their parents. 

I'm not really good in Punjabi, and I wouldn't admit it if you met me in person but I don't what it is about this language that just excites me. May be it's the genes at play here, and although it took me a bigger part of life to discover this very basic part of myself I feel like I've always known it. I know, blah blah blah right? but if you think about it it's a pretty important little part of life to come to terms with where you come from as opposed to how you turned out and how this person today relates to that prepackaged part of personality that we all bring to the party.

I know, cryptic right? well good! because that's what I always go for. In my opinion true beauty in anything will come in depths for those who like to think. Those who don't, should keep running after fast cars and fast tracks. Usually, we just look at a thing and think "what's in it for me?", but there's a problem with that almost reflex thinking; it's that we aren't meant to be customers in life. Customers try to put true worth in the product depending on what they are able to fathom; buying into the meaning of something that's created by someone else. Which is fine for purchases, but life is more like a trade or a hard sell at times; you can't put a price on experience and you can't sell yourself (not for a profit anyways) if you don't know your own worth.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Faithless endeavor


The diversion in religion doesn't explain 
The animalistic rage of a revenge humane...

Aggression has no faith no eyes no soul 
The only trait in anger is that it's out of control... 

The soldiers and the leaders may find this strange
You've already fallen when you strike to cause pain... 

Monday, 25 February 2013

Point of few

The monotony in bigotry, a sky that thunders in blasphemy
The rage of ideological rivalry, a stage stampede of mockery...
For the classics didn't meet, standards of the material fleet
Dim results of flattery, characters assembled in a toy factory...

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Maverick introspection

Well it's been a while since I sat down to write something; since I've tried to spark a flame inside a world full of treasures and yet in darkness. The thing about being unorthodox and proclaiming uniqueness is that opinions seen on a scale of time, matter and motion are more like gas particles rather then solids. Which means that change is always happening outside and people whiz by you from so many different angles in so many different moments that your impression on the world becomes frozen in a series of first and last impressions. So, what I'm trying to say is that only those that can stand still with you in a moment will truly know what your nature is; which is a fraction of the connections we make. 

In short given one instant in time, you are changing as well as your impression on the world while the opinions that make up your outer social circle are ever changing. Yet despite of all this, we feel the need to change the pace or the direction of our lives; which brings me back to the topic of this post "maverick introspection". It's important that the rebel inside of you gets a voice, because a silent rebel carries more dynamite. After all the survival instinct inside of us relies heavily on this erratic side of us. 

It's good to be back here, and I hope I'll get easier to read as we go along :) 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013



Two thousand and thirteen, I wonder what conspiracy theories remain to be seen. 
Happy thoughts and birthday cards, I wish you all realization of your dreams... 

If you ask me about what has been, I'm vouching for truths without extremes
I'm supporting changes without cages, piece together peace in two thousand thirteen...