Saturday, 22 November 2014

A child

He is always there, watching with his curiosity and dreams through the man he has become, it's what I used to be and what I will always be in those moments of time. Sometimes these moments get displaced and the bliss comes back when I experience something greater than monotony which tells me that this was an age that will resonate throughout my life. I do not know if it is true, but in my belief everyone carries the persona of themselves as a child throughout their lives and it comes to life here and there. So, children are not only our future but our own link to a past that almost everyone cherishes. 
Everyone is different in their innocence, in their tantrums, in their joy and in that playfulness that helps us let go. I love looking at expressions that come upon a child's face when one explores everything around, as it is one of the most original things you will see in this world. That feeling of freedom rooting from limited understanding of complexities in life and the earth will always live on. Fearlessness of consequence as that bit of impatience makes you forget that there's still quite a bit of the road still lying ahead of you. 
I think though, as we grow we become mature in understanding how we need to keep life on an even keel. However it's weird how much fun a bit of spontaneity can bring, part of which has to be from that uncertainty of direction coupled with that feeling in your gut when you speed down a hill. When I look at a child I take a lot of interest because they tell you a lot about yourself. That 6 year old version of yourself is still peeking through from behind the curtains as the more grown up memories and ambitions carry out debate over your next step. Call him into the room, he might surprise the adults with his childish ingenuity. 

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