Thursday, 20 November 2014


We live and we feel based on what circumstances bring us mixed with whatever memory and insight we can fathom. The core of the human condition is complex because there are so many choices that have to be made every single moment. Think about it. Right now, your heart is making sure that blood supply reaches wherever its needed along with a thousand other things. The breathing reflex makes sure that you have enough oxygen in that blood to be carried to organs that need it. These are a couple of choices that our autonomic systems make for us without us even knowing, because its a big load off your plate. Some say that love is such a choice, I say that if there's a choice involved then it isn't love at all.
A lot of people in science identify love as being a projection of what you feel when a certain chemical is released in your body and the same kind of definition applies to happiness. For most, these two go hand in hand and why wouldn't they? when you think you are in love you feel that the object of your affection has brought a new color to the world, you feel high on that feeling and you want to keep that person around because of the way you feel. So basically our love is two fold to say the least. It's about how we feel from the beloved's presence and how they take upon the personification of perfection. At least until a realistic challenge slaps you back into the tug and pull of your mind and  you realize that love has various forms.
So, the people that choose to be in love because of a list that they like to check off in their minds will very quickly fall out of love when reality bites. Then there's the lust which can drive feelings of passion but that's usually gone after a couple of mornings, because humans are filled with base needs that fulfill themselves to give way to higher thinking. So what's the different between love and passion? well Love is the destination and passion is more like a mini roller coaster ride within that destination. Affection, compromise, submission, intellectual simulation and even anger are all little islands that make up the country called love. It's a grand concept, and it has to be a lot bigger than yourself if you truly want to know what it is to love.
Back to what I said. If there's a choice involved, then it's not love because you have to fall by jumping over the hurdle that you call your 'self'; so it has to be bigger than you. Choice goes out the window when you decide to surpass yourself because the fundamental ability to choose your Beloved is compromised as you cannot make a selection when you do not have a self. So, you love because  you are privileged with it or because you got very very lucky. It's about giving, not receiving. About being mesmerized and finally seeing that it is this process of totally loosing yourself which makes you a better you. You are in love because you aspire to be anything you have to be because it is the process of this 'being' that gives you that feeling of nirvana and complete satisfaction. You don't make it happen, it makes you happen.

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