Saturday, 25 July 2015

Conversations with Catharsis - part 1

To the criminal

You weren't joking when you said that you are complicated. Its true, you are complex; but that doesn't mean you are advanced. You are a paradox many times a day, but that does not mean you are interesting. You're out of the ordinary; but that doesn't mean that you are extraordinary. For what you are, is what you act upon and that would be great if you had control. If only you had control over the moments where you are feeding on the fire in your belly externalizing it; exposing it to those who've trusted you to be around. Slow down, or you'll burn out your resources too quick; like a candle lit on both ends. You need to calm this storm that is rooted in the right places but fruits at the wrong ones. It's true, you are dislocated you are decentralized and you are in pieces. Unify, breathe, exhale and try to rehearse your moments because 'winging it'; no longer has its wings.

To the witness 

I was there, just next to you but you didn't see me. I saw you though, I saw you see. You are the lowest grade of faith because you witness only to contemplate, not to contribute. Now you are here, to present your testimony; but that doesn't change anything because you could have stopped the criminal. Seeing is believing, so you better believe that the wrongdoing you've witnessed is already a testimony of what you neglected. Be gone! because accountability has already been allocated.

To love 

I know your gracious, kind, warm, wise and faithful. For you are what is right with me but then sometimes I am the only thing that is wrong with you. I really hope you're larger than I am, because if my struggle with you is inevitable; I'll choose to loose every time because you are indeed a blessing and I am too uncertain to be anything. I'm not saying I'm worth the choice; I'm not even saying that I am remotely eligible. All I am saying is that I love to try, I try to love; in my own fallible and broken way. Do me a favor if you can, I know its a lot to ask but; stick around. Because all of the pieces come together in audience when you show yourself. Stay near, so I can materialize and stay because once I do become whole again; you're the first I want to introduce myself to.


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