Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Conversations with Catharsis - Part 2

To the artist

It is time, to gather those thoughts into articulate and simple terms. It is time. Time to let go of those old patterns and put in the hours needed to materialize your dreams. For you my friend, might not be anything if you aren't many things, for you specialize in being generally gifted. However turn away from this claim of 'creations'. You've always been more interested in telling a story with colors, with sounds and music, with movements, with stillness and with your imagination. Here's a question though: When all your faculties came from some place and all the functions they deliver have been predestined; then what exactly have you ever 'created'? You haven't, you've just found a new way to put circles in lines and lining up the circles. We found these unique things, a unique state of something which is present in that given moment; then we just reproduce it. We aren't creating anything my friend we're explorers, travelers even wanderers; showing the world from this lens and then that one. Serving at most as a medium, but not the real thing; we're just a word to the wise.

 To the song 

You move me when I listen to you, your melody and rhythms that tend to hit the right notes. Then from my ears to my eyes you form images; materializing that universal language into objects so fundamentally simple to understand. The percussion that I feel in my heart that tries to follow you around like you're a long lost friend calling me back to that childhood home and the yard that never ran out of interest. After that its just me, my intoxication and dance! Yes! dance I will, till the beat stays true and until the truth is this beat. Some say that you are a tool of evil, that you actually deviate people from the Ultimate thought and distract them to yourself because they don't know better. Well, I know you and I know that Thought. All I've got to say is that; if my focus on the Everlasting was deviated by something so infinitesimal in degree of comparison; I'd never leave the house. You are beautiful, but it is us that make you that way; for without heed you are just noise in space or just a space in the confusion of noise.


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